Sunday, August 4, 2013

July recap

I did a recap of the month on my other blog and I got so many emails about it that I decided to start it here too! Since I never seem to know what to say on Sundays, I think this will be a 'first Sunday of the month re-cap' Sound good? Here's what happened on the homestead this month:
The garden is kicking into high gear. I've been harvesting lots of cucumbers, zucchinis and green beans. Herbs are doing well, basil and dill. It's almost time to harvest the lemon balm, I am so excited about that!

zucchini green beans cucumbers

The flowers are blooming. All 5 colors of lily's have bloomed. Here are 2 of my favorites.

mauve lily

I got a lily tattoo on my arm to celebrate my love of these flowers...and also to cover up an old old old mistake.  Maybe I'll post that one next month when it's all healed.

It was our first year growing dwarf Teddy Bear sunflowers and they turned out super-cute! They are only about 2 feet tall but so super puffy!

puffy flower

Hubby entered the AWRCS quad race again. I shot lots of pictures of him, our neighbors son and everyone who sped in front of my lens! Snowflake accompanied us on the second day of races. He loves showing off his leash walking talents....or maybe he just likes how everyone thinks he's so cute and feeds him watermelon. Yumm!

fluffy chicken

I found little red riding hood in the woods....At least I found her before the wolf did, right? lol My daughter dug into the Halloween costumes I had from when I was in my twenties and convinced me to shoot some pictures of her. I think they turned out cute. She wants to shoot in my flamenco dancer costume next. *sigh* I've created a monster for sure. 

model costume

The goldfish and Shubunkins are getting bigger, and they don't hide from us nearly as much as they used to. I'm hoping they'll be big enough to withstand the winter when the pond starts to freeze.

fish pond yard

We've hatched a lot of babies, pulled a lot of weeds and tested 2 different recipes that were utterly awful. (I won't be posting those!!!) I bought a ton of craft supplies...on sale...and am looking forward to getting my craft room back when college starts up again in a few weeks and oldest son goes back. I'm terrible, aren't I? 

We've had about a week of stunning sunsets that looked like this:

pink blue sunset

Weird, right? It was literally 5 or 6 nights in a row that we had that odd pink sky. The weather was normal though...a little warm, but normal. 

It was a great month, but now it means the Summer is that much closer to over. :-( I'm so not looking forward to winter.



  1. We've gone through some awful recipes lately too. Bummer when they take awhile to fix. BUT we've been lucky too, so no grouching from me, it all evens out in the end. :)

    Visiting today from Fun Friday.

    1. It's so disappointing when I can't get a recipe to work! Thanks for stopping by!



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