Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August recap

It has been one hot, brutal month this August! We had several unbearably hot days and almost a week of humidity so high that the air felt heavy and looked hazy. Yuck! The garden was going crazy this month and with the heat the way it was, the only time we could do garden chores was first thing in the morning. The good thing was, when it was breakfast time we didn't have to look far!

cucumbers from the garden

Darling daughter likes to take other peoples phones and I-devices and take pictures of herself. This time she decided that she wanted to be a rooster. hmmmmm. I warned her that if she kept taking pictures with my stuff, I was going to post them...so here you go: 

weird kids

The dinner plate dahilas are growing nicely and they are so much bigger then I thought they would be! I don't know why I didn't expect them to be this big...after all they are supposed to be 'dinner plate' size. lol I guess I thought it was an exaggeration. It wasn't!

dinner plate sized dahlias

 We were called up to the deer farm to help with an emergency surgery. One of the bucks antler had grown so large that he wasn't able to hold his head up anymore and they were afraid the stress would kill him. Have you ever seen how much blood runs through those things when they're still growing? It was pretty intense, but he pulled through it like a champ! He's feeling much better now.

antler removal deer

We had oldest daughters graduation party number 2 (the one at home) and I breathed a huge sigh of relief to get that out of the way. There are more posts to be written about that, but for now I'm just relieved that it's over! She started at the community college this month and oldest son went back to college for his second year. He's living in the frat house this year. We went up to move him in and it was so gross! *shudders* We're talking empty beer cans, liquor bottles and other things they shouldn't have on just about every surface and the floor. It killed us to leave him there, but he's over 18 now and thinks he knows best. Anywho....youngest son had his first day at the high school. 7th grade! I don't know who thought it was a good idea to put grades 7-12 in the same school but it's been worrying me that's for sure! He loves it though and is doing good.

Lastly, we set lots of eggs for the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs. It's running from the 20th-22nd and our eggs and chicks will be joining the folks from Brinsea at their booth again this year. Chicks will be hatching all weekend and eggs in various stages of development will be 'assisting' them in an incubation workshop. If you're in the area stop by and enjoy the fair!

I guess that's it for summer, huh? Fall is here now and it's turning cooler and I'm starting to get that itch to make pumpkin everything! lol I'm not sure what to make first, but I sure will let you know! Maybe these Pumpkin Caramels...or pumpkin cheesecake? mmmm I think pumpkin is what I'm looking forward to the most. I sure will miss summer though!



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  2. Great pictures! I love that the deer was able to pull through and doing much better.

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