Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How did September get here?

I think we were cheated this year! I don't know what the weather was like in your part of the world, but here in Western Pennsylvania we didn't really get a summer. Our last frost was somewhere near the end of May. MAY! Which meant that many transplants had to be held off till after we were sure it had passed. Normally our gardens are kicked into high gear by July, this year because it was so slow to warm up things didn't really start going till almost August. We only had a few really hot days, so things that thrive in heat (like the corn) didn't do so good.

The flowers are finally doing good. I've had so many lately that I've been making bouquets and giving them away!

The chickens are about the only ones that were right on track all season! They've been giving us lots of eggs every day. Unfortunately my new 'blue egg layer' just started laying and her eggs look more like green to me. Oh well! She's a cute, happy little girl, so I don't mind.

Unfortunately for the kids they didn't get many pool days since it was rather cool most of the summer. Of course now that they're back in school and the pools are closing, it's starting to hit 80 quite regularly. *sigh* 

I'm not sure....but it might be time to move somewhere with more reliable seasons!


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  1. It sure has been a strange summer in the weather department. I live in northern Illinois. We have had a cool summer. But this past week we have hit the 90's. Beautiful flowers!


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