Friday, October 3, 2014

Adventures in Chicken Diapering

Before I owned chicken I had never heard of diapers for chickens. Does that sound weird to you too? I always thought dressing my cat was cute. She has several Halloween costumes and even a Santa suit! The dogs have coats for winter and raincoats for wet weather. Dressing chickens though? I wasn't so sure of that. Then came the day I noticed the bald spots on the back of a few of my hens. Day after day the spots got bigger until eventually I broke down and bought some chicken saddles. Guess what? They worked! The girls feathers grew back and they looked really cute dressed up! Ok so technically they weren't "dressed up" but still.....they sorta had a coat on.

When I was sent a chicken diaper to try out I wasn't sure what to expect. I've had chickens in the house before. Sometimes sick ones would have a quarantine box in the house for a few days or even a week. Other times youngest son would just bring me one of his favorite chickens to visit. It was nice having them sit there on my lap all cute and soft, just enjoying being petted. Unfortunately there was the poop to deal with!      

chicken diapers

So I tried the chicken diaper. It takes a little practice to get it on right, and it takes the chicken a little while to get used to it. Once it's on though, it works! I received a bantam sized diaper, so first I tried it on my Mille Fleur d'Uccle. She wasn't too happy at all with the idea, but once it was on and she settled down....she could care less and quite enjoyed checking out the house a bit! 

chicken can wear diapers!

She did poop while wearing the diaper in the house, but I didn't even know until I took the diaper off of her and saw it inside the pouch! I also tried the diaper on one of my younger Silkies. It was a little tricky with all those fluffy feathers but because the diaper came with a handy instruction card, we soon had it fitted on her!

She was also just fine with it after a few minutes. She stayed in the house quite awhile and we really enjoyed her visit! The diaper kept the poop off the floor (and couch!) All I had to do to clean up was shake the diaper out over the toilet and flush it all away.

chicken diapers

So, will a chicken diaper work for you? 
  • If you have a chicken you want to live in the house as a pet? Yes. 
  • A chicken in a quarantine cage in the house? Yes. 
  • A kid that likes his favorite chicken to hang out with him inside? Yes. 
  • Want to bring in a chicken to show visitors how awesome they are? Yes.
Any reason you can think of to have a chicken in the house.....this is a much easier alternative then cleaning poop up constantly! They're cute too!

Pampered Poultry is where I got this one from. They also have a Facebook head on over and say "HI", give them a like and see whats going on over there! 

.....and if you get a saddle or diaper for your chicken, come on over to Our Facebook Page and post the picture for us all to see!

(there are links in this post but they are NOT affiliate links. I get nothing in return if you chose to purchase from Pampered Poultry. However, I do get the satisfaction of knowing that we are supporting a great cause like Sewing My Future which is helping to improve the lives of women clear across the world.)

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