Grocery store frustration

I stopped at the local County Market grocery store Saturday and they had a few samples in various departments. Typical Saturday right? I wasn't terribly interested in tasting and chatting so I breezed right by them all until I arrived at the bakery department. There I was met by an angel with a table of chocolate Oreo ice cream cake samples! There was no way I was passing this by. For one thing I am a class A junk food junkie. Secondly it's oldest daughters B-day Monday and she always asks for an ice cream cake.
So I stop at the table and try the cake. OMG it is fabulous! I have to buy one, and at $12.99 it's not terrible pricey. I ask where they are and she points to the freezer display. I look and I Oreo cakes. So I ask her. She comes over and looks, moves a few cakes...looks some more then says "well I guess that was the last one". I ask "oh wow, how many have you sold?" and she says "none yet". Wait a minute...back up, are you kidding me? There was a whole freezer full of yellow and marble cakes and she decides to sample the only chocolate cake in there? How does that make sense? 
yellow rock star cake

I settled on a yellow cake with chocolate ice cream and Oreo crumbs in the filling. *sigh* Not quite the same, but still very good. I'm still shaking my head wondering how many people tried the Oreo cake and she had to tell them "we're all out" lol


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