The $2000 LGD expense

Lulu was a freebie dog. My sons dad got her as pup and it just wasn't working out with his work schedule so she came here to live. She quickly worked her way into all our hearts with her boundless energy and constant love she shows us. We expected a pet....what we also got was a LGD....or Livestock Guard Dog. 

Lulu can spend all day outside just watching over her birds, and at the first threat will chase a fox with a vengeance! Every night she curls up on our bed for an hour or so then says goodnight and moves to her big fluffy dog bed. Unless there's the slightest noise outside....then she's at the backdoor fussing to be let out so she can chase off the intruder. She really is an awesome dog!
boxer mix

Unfortunately hubby felt lump in her neck about a month ago and we took her to the vet to get it checked out. They sent us to a specialist to have it removed because of where it was. It was wrapped around her jugular and very close to some important nerves. One small slip during surgery and her breathing could have been altered. $2000 later we find out it was thyroid cancer. The Dr said they got it all, but we could bring her for chemotherapy. I'm not sure how I feel about putting her through all that. She doesn't like being away from home much, I'd hate to stress her out more. I'm really not sure what to do...the vet said chemo 'just to be sure' not that she thought it was necessary. hmmm

Lulu is feeling much better. She went to her checkup and they said she can be back to normal activity and that means her favorite game...playing Kong with daddy! (not mommy....mommy throws like a girl) She chased a big bad squirrel out of the yard yesterday and greeted the neighbors that came to visit with stump wags and licks. She seems to feel fine now and her breathing is normal, thank God. She's back to being her happy self and were so happy she's feeling better. Those foxes better stay away....Lulu is back on patrol!


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