October recap

October has passed leaving in it's wake a gazillion pumpkin flavored foods/drinks and almost bare trees. This month I couldn't resist buying Pumpkin Spice marshmallows at the local Walmart. After a particularly cold day raking up leaves, I decided to add them to my hot spiked cider. This is a super easy 'recipe'. I use instant hot cider, a splash of spiced rum, some Pumpkin Spiced Mallows and my favorite rooster mug. Instant warmth from your lips to your toes!

hot pumpkin cider apple

Speaking of warming up...I cleaned out the fireplace as best I could and got the first fire of the season going! I learned a few years back not to use the chimney before it gets cleaned for the season. I learned this the hard way. *sigh* I also learned about bartering. When the chimney sweep got here, he saw our Guineas wondering around and mentioned that he had been thinking about getting some but didn't know where to get them. By the time he left, I had paid less then half for his service and he was coming back in a few weeks to pick up 6 Guineas to pay for the rest of the bill. 

fireplace in bedroom

I cut the rest of the flowers before the first frost. I put them in a vase to enjoy one last time for the season. The great news for next flowering season: DD has just started a new job at the local florist shop! Not only does she love it, but she will be a pro at arranging flowers by the time spring rolls around. Bonus!

dinnerplate dahlias

Hot peppers, fall zucchini and the last of the beans were picked also. We left in the fall lettuce, onions, the last of the carrots and the Amaranth which the chickens have been devouring lately! Speaking of chickens in the garden, the fence finally came down and they were given full access. They have been loving it!

amaranth chickens garden

Hubby noticed a small growth on Maggies cheek a few weeks ago. She's been to the vet twice this month. The first time they gave her antibiotics and pain medicine. She needs some teeth pulled, but that isn't what is causing the growth. (It continues to get larger) The vet wants to do a biopsy while she's knocked out for the surgery on her teeth....then find out what it is and go from there. I want them to just take it out while she's under. It's not like we're going to just leave it there! Why not just take it out when they're working in there, right? The vet is pushing for 2 separate surgeries though. Anybody been through something like this with their cat?
siamese mix vet

Last but not least, I am officially the mother of 3 teenagers! The youngest son turned 13 early this month. Man, I feel old! lol

Have a great week!

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