December Recap

It has been one lonnnnngggg month here on the homestead! I'm sure you all have had a long month too what with Christmas and New Years, not to mention all the sicknesses going around and the kids being off school. I haven't been around, and I'm sorry. So since I'm feeling slightly better I wanted to drop a quick double-blog post to explain myself and say Hello because I have missed you all so so much!

silkie chicken snow cold

It all started when someone brought bronchitis to work late November. It started to move throughout the place and within a week, half the staff was sick. I was out for quite awhile and managed to give it to only 1 of my kids (thankfully) Christmas came and went away with me having a scheduled surgery shortly after....which put me in medicinal fog until today. *sigh* I have managed to keep up with my blog reading via my I-pad from bed and have noticed many of you dealing with illnesses too. I hope everyone is getting better!!!!

computerized clock
So as I slowly come around, we've been dealing with bitter cold (as evidence by my clock above) a short power outage that caused our furnace to stop working and froze EVERYTHING on the farm! lol The only one who's been happy through the whole thing is Ashley the Jack Russell who manages to get herself wrapped up in whatever blanket she can find! 

dog blanket clothes

Yesterday I realized I didn't get the garlic in last month which means this will be my first year without garlic. I also realized that my 'cool & dry' herb storage has froze solid and the garlic, dill and parsley from this year might be a loss. What a season right?

The good news is: none of the critters have fallen victim to the cold. There have only been a few equipment failures, so only a few expenses (small ones like cracked waterers) and the end is in sight with temperatures rising out of the single digits today!

Hopefully your winter has been milder....I'll be back later this week with new posts and a new giveaway! See ya soon!


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