The dogs new shirt

I was at $5 Below this week and saw this dog shirt. I just had to get it for my dog! She's a Jack Russell Terror Terrier. Her name is Ashley but her nickname is "the fun cop". The Bah Humbug just seemed to fit her! lol

dog in funny t-shirt
She got her nickname because every time the other dogs are having fun in the yard, she runs up and starts barking at them! They can be playing Frisbee or chasing a kong.....if they are having fun she starts hollering at them. It's not like she just wants to play too. Oh no! She just wants to complain. She barks at us too, especially if we're trying to play a game outside. Actually, she barks at everything!

I do feel bad for her when she goes out in the snow though...that's where the shirt comes in. She shivers a lot. She's had a sweater for a long time, but she's pulled some holes in it. She also has a winter jacket but its a full hooded jacket with matching boots, and she's less then thrilled with it! 

I got her this shirt and a dog Snuggie brand coat. They were $4 each. It's nice because it's cape style, with only 2 Velcro tabs. You'll have to wait till after the holidays for that picture though.......I'm wrapping that one for Christmas!


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