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Since I live in the woods, I have no mall close by & I buy a lot of stuff online so I often mention products that I use and like. Whenever I use an affiliate link I will note that on the post before the first link and again at the bottom.

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  1. omgosh i thought i was the only one who had one i have had mine for 2 years im making all kinds mint teas right now last year we had all kinds lettuce and cherry tomatoes.i also plant lavender and lemon balm chamomile. getting ready for winter and helping with my pain and headaches im off my botox due to pandemic i live in a nursing home.

    1. Mint teas are amazing for so many ailments! Glad you found something that helps with your pain!


  2. I love reading your post and all of the helpful information to post. However, I live in Alaska and some things won't work here. What state are you posting from?

    1. Hi Anita! I am posting from Pennsylvania. I have a friend Annie that writes about gardening in Canada...that might be closer to your weather patterns! Her blog is called Country Living in a Cariboo Valley. Hope that helps!