It's 'cat under the tree' season

Well, it's officially here. 'Cat under the tree' season. It starts every December when I put up the Christmas tree and continues until I take the tree down in early January. It looks something like this:
calico sleeping

Now I ask you....why?  What is it about the Christmas tree that inspires the cat to lay down for a nap? Of course this time it looks way too comfortable....that was my fault. I set down a floor drop to take some ornament pictures with a nice white background. It only took about 3 minutes before kitty came over and made herself comfortable. 

Even without the fluffy white blanket though, she is constantly napping beneath the tree. What really is annoying is that my regular tree skirt is red. Fur covered red velvet = not pretty!

She's not normally a 'nap under' type of cat. She prefers to nap 'on'. Like on my bed, or on the couch. lol The other cat doesn't want a thing to do with being under the tree. Which is one of the reasons why I can never get a good Christmas picture of her. She also sticks her tongue out a lot, but that's another story! 

Have a lovely week!



  1. It wouldn't be Christmas without a cat sleeping beneath (or sometimes IN) the tree!

  2. IN the tree? OH NO! lol Hope they don't knock it over!