I dressed the dogs

I have a very sane reason for why I dressed the dog (this time! lol) It was cold out. Single digits, bone numbing cold. Actually, one night the wind chill got down to -20. Oh, did I mention we're in Western Pennsylvania right at the bottom of the snow belt? We get a whole lot more snow then our friends down in Pittsburgh. Sometimes as much as a foot more! 

Add the snow to the cold and you have one worried mama. I bundle up the kids and the little dog, but what to do about my snow loving Boxer mix? Large breed dog coats are super expensive, and she really only needs it for a few days a year so I hate to spend too much. 

So, what to do? Youngest son was throwing out some size 7 long sleeved T-shirts so I figured I'd see if one fit on Lulu and guess what....it did! 

dog in snow wearing a t-shirt

I like the way the sleeves cover her legs without covering her feet. The shirt is snug without being tight, so it doesn't bunch up or get in her way...and I think she looks cute!

Lulu doesn't get dressed very often but Ashley is another story! I'm against spending huge amounts of $$ on dog clothes however, so my favorite shopping place lately (besides clearance sales at Petco) is 5 Below. I got Ashley this Snuggie brand dog coat for $5.

Small dog with coat on

I like the fact that it has wide Velcro tabs, it's so hard to hook those small ones. She doesn't seem to mind it and I put it on her a lot in winter so ease of use is super important! She shivers a lot when shes outside in the winter, so she needs a coat every time she goes outside. Plus, I think she secretly likes dressing up. lol


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