Growing Cat Grass

I was in the pet store the other day and saw some pots of "cat grass". They were $4 each. I looked inside the pots and read the labels. There was no dirt. It was nothing but wheat seeds growing in there (the label even said so!) Now I ask you, how is this worth $4? 

This brings me to a new money making idea for those city farm markets this Spring/Summer. Let's do the math here....a 50lb bag of winter wheat seed cost me $12 last week. Do you have any idea how many pots of cat grass that would grow? OMG! Plastic pots can be bought at the dollar store in a pack of 4 for $1. So, lets say less the $.30 per pot for both seed and pot. You can easily get $3 each. Yup, that's a money maker right there!

how to grow cat grass

How to grow cat grass

Right now, many of the backyard chicken keepers are experimenting with growing fodder to feed chickens. I've been doing it myself for awhile. See: this post on my chicken blog for all the details.  If you're already growing fodder or you happen to plant wheat fields, then you already have the seed. 

Go ahead and throw a handful in a pot, mist daily and let the cats enjoy. (I use dirt in mine, but we'll get back to that in a second) If you don't happen to have any wheat, there are plenty of places that you can buy wheat seed online or in feed stores in much smaller quantities. I've found a 1lb package to be around $3 online. I've also noticed that prices aren't that different between regular and organic varieties. Score! Eventually it's going to need replaced and it'll be cheaper to just buy the 1lb package then to buy a single pot. 

Ok, lets get back to the pet store. As I mentioned there was nothing else in the pot. Seeds are created with enough nutrients to sprout and start to grow. The seeds have no problem getting to be a few inches tall with just water and a little bit of sunshine. 

At some point the seeds do run out of nutrients. This is where dirt and compost (or compost tea) come in handy. This is also where a tip proof pot comes in handy, darn cats! Watered and fed like any other houseplant it will continue to grow for months. I trim mine down from time to time and throw the pieces to the chickens, but you can just add them to the compost pile if you don't have a flock. Try it, your cats will love it!


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  1. Great post. There are so many ways to keep our cats happy without spending much money at all. Love this idea for everyone. Such a sweet cat you have. Deb (Ontario)

  2. Awww, thanks! I agree, we don't have to spend a lot to have happy pets!


  3. I've seen the cat grass at stores around here and it is usually $4. I bought some once for my cats and they did like it, but I couldn't force myself to spend another $4 again on grass. Crazy! I really should just grow my own. Your kitty is so cute :)

  4. I've often tried dried catnip for my 2
    cats. it' so weak that they hardly get any please from it at all. i tried a plant nursery, but they said come back in the spring.
    it will be so great to be able to grow my own. i will use aome putty-like stuff to stick the pots to the window sill. we use it in our camper to keep things in place while we travel.
    thank you sooooo much for your post!

    1. I grow my own catnip and cat grass and the kitties love it all. Good luck with yours and the putty is an awesome idea for keeping the pot in place!