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I'm having a bit of a conundrum here. I started this blog so I could post about everything I'm interested in, however I also have 2 other blogs. My photo blog isn't a problem since I don't want to post client images outside of there. Other photos just seem to work them selves in. It's my chicken blog that's the problem. I really hate to double post things, and I don't want to bore the non-chicken people with my poultry ramblings. So I think I have a solution. Every once in awhile I'll make a post of the most popular posts on the Chicken Farm Blog and those interested can click. Sound good?

So here we go: 

Bathing a chicken Very important with rain, mud and show season coming up!

Growing Fodder for feed Cheaply How to save on your feed bill by growing sprouts for chicken feed, and doing it cheaply!

Keeping the floor dry under the waterer We solved our problem of wet floors under the poultry drinker.

Insulating the coop Permanent fix to insulate a large (or small) chicken coop.

Blocking winter drafts Temporary fix for winter drafts during a cold snap.

That's it for now....I'll post more in a month or so.


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