Beginners guide to companion planting

I've been working on the garden lately. A little late, I know but I've been working a lot and just haven't been able to make the time. Better late than never right? Last year I decided to focus more on companion planting. Companion planting is placing different plants close together that enhance each other's growth. 

For instance, plants that use a lot of nitrogen would be placed by plants that put nitrogen back into the soil. Companion planting is also used to protect plants from insects that like to snack on them. Certain plants repel certain insects and you would plant those plants by the ones the insects are attracted to, hoping the insects would stay away from both. 

I started by planting beans amid my corn and couldn't believe what a difference it made! So in my quest to find more information on what to plant with what (and what to avoid) I've been reading lots of guides, blogs, etc. 

garden ready for planting

Learning how to companion plant

I have a few I've referenced often this season. I love these Companion Planting Printable's from One Creative Mommy. I printed these out and laminated them to keep in my gardening basket. I just love this one also (and the name cracks me up): Fennel Doesn't Have Friends from Tilly's Nest. These are both fabulous resources to have when planting. Unfortunately the only thing I really got in on time was the Garlic. Which is doing great! I just noticed the scapes starting to grow on the hard neck varieties today. 

hard necked garlic growing scapes

We planted a few new things this year. Teddy Bear sunflowers, mint (not sure on the variety, we did a seedling swap at work with our excess) dinner plate Dahlias, and we are still working on Chamomile and Lavender. This kid right here is the best darn gardener and chicken helper I could ever hope for!

young gardener taking pictures

That's our youngest, Dalton...shown taking Instagram pictures of the chickens. He planted the strawberry planter all by himself, did most of the corn and all of the onion sets. He's an awesome weed puller and was my ONLY help in weeding, fencing and planting the pumpkin patch this year. Every year he is a huge help in harvesting and loves giving out fresh produce to everyone! Now if I can only get the other 2 kids to help.....


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