Never lose your serving spoons again!

My daughters graduation party was yesterday. We held it down in Pittsburgh where most of the family is from. This required lots of packing, preparing and both vehicles because we had wayyy too much stuff! Many people told us that they were bringing various dishes and we had a huge buffet planned. Not wanting to run out of serving utensils, I decided to pack a bag full of extras to take with me. 

I'm familiar with the ones that I use every day but I was pulling them out of my reserve supply also. I'm never going to remember what is mine and really didn't want to be standing in the kitchen saying "did anyone bring one like this? If not, it's mine" I decided to mark them somehow.

mark serving spoons with colored tape before picnics

I had bought a roll of printed Scotch brand packaging tape on clearance and decided that it would be perfect for this use! I simply wrapped a piece of tape around the handle of every utensil that I was taking and voila....I knew what was what! No guesswork and no confusion. They washed up nice at the party, and peeled off very easy afterwards (don't run through the dishwasher though!)

Easy peasy. Just the way I like it!


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