Cherry Pie Cookies

All American mini cherry pie cookies!

This idea was an odd development, that's for sure. I ended up making mini Cherry Pie cookies, but I started out with 2 things:
1) something that was ready to expire and 
2) something that never tasted as good as it looked.
Weird right? 

easy pie cookies

Number 1 was a package of ready to bake pie crust that had been on sale super-cheap. I bought 2, used 1 right away and the other one sat for awhile till I noticed it was getting close to the expiration date. 

Number 2 was this box of cookies that tempt me from the grocery store bakery section every time I go:

fruit bite cookies

They look so crisp and flaky but by the time I buy them they're really soft and not flaky at all. They kinda mush when you bite them and I'm just always left disappointed. 

SO back to the kitchen the other day when I'm standing there with pie crust in my hand saying 'what can I make, what can I make?' A quick check of the apple trees and that's a no-go. Berries have all been eaten, don't want a quiche....then my eyes fall on a can of cherry pie filling and those luscious looking grocery store disappointments pop into my mind. 

The Ingredients:

easy cookie ingredients

All I needed was an egg and some sugar and I was ready to go! First I unrolled the crust and trimmed the edges off. I cut it into somewhat evenly matched squares. I topped each one with cherry pie filling and placed another square on top of  it. Using a fork I crimped the edges together (it got a bit how much filling you use!)

use cherry pie filling in cookies

Then I brushed on some beaten egg and dusted with sugar. I probably should have used a coarser sugar, but all I had on hand was the plain stuff.

pie cookie recipe

I sprayed the baking sheet with nonstick cooking spray, then baked them in the oven for 350 for about 20 minutes. Once they started to brown I knew they were done! Time to take them out, let them cool then taste test and YUMMMM!

pie crust cookies

Perfect! Exactly what I wanted and oh so easy! 


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  1. Your post made me hungryy, haha; I love cherries!:D
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    Belle Epoque

    1. I love cherries too!
      Thanks for stopping by (following you back!)


  2. HI Lisa! This recipe looks so delicious and so clever of you too! You are featured on this weeks Tasty Tuesday at Dandelion House! thanks for sharing with us on the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop!
    Have a great week!

  3. oh that looks delish lisa! this just makes me hungry right now...

    thanks for stopping by at my blog and for joining the fun friday blog hop!
    see you again this friday!

    i am now following you, huggies♥

  4. should make'll love them!

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