Cheap & Pretty Make up brush holders

I always try to do things cheaply. It's a curse really. Sometimes I come up with an idea and go "that will work" even though it isn't the most pleasing to look at. Such was the case with my makeup brush holder. 

At one point I got sick of my makeup brushes always falling to the bottom of my big makeup box. I had just read one of those 'A gazillion things to do with Crystal Light containers' posts and since it was fresh in my mind, I decided to use one of those! 

Pretty makeup brush organizer, DIY

It worked just fine. It wasn't pretty, but it worked! Eventually though, I did notice how un-pretty it was and started thinking about what I could replace it with. I'm a dollar store junkie so it wasn't very long till I had come up with a $2 solution that looked rather nice on my dresser.

Cheap makeup brush holders

This is the simplest of simply get a dollar store glass vase/candle holder and a bag of stones. Voila! In my local Dollar Tree store the glass stones come in marbles, flat backed, sea glass, cubes and they also have river rocks. 

The vases come in all sizes, though I'm partial to the short ones with the wide openings. They're probably made for candles actually...either way they work great! The stones keep the brushes in place and easy to grab. I even use one on my nightstand for nail files, pens and such.

DIY, Makeup brush organizer

I also found some fancy gold vase filler on sale at Target for $2 a jar. Interestingly, the glass marbles were $1 bag which filled 1 holder and the gold vase filler was $2, but filled 2 holders. So, it really came out to the same price. 

You could also spray paint dried beans if you had a particular color scheme to match. There's a bunch of other things you could put in there....colored sand, plastic beads, rice.....etc etc. I might even change the filler seasonally to match the decorations! How fun! 


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  1. Great idea! Pretty and functional as well. Thanks for sharing with SYC.