Making infused water with fruit and herbs!

As a gardener I am always looking for new ways to use the tons of produce and herbs I harvest in the summer. It's also really hot out there while harvesting it! I have always carried a bottle of water with me and most times I added a slice of lemon to it, just to make it more tasty. 

After all, when you have a well the water isn't what you'd call yummy so adding a little something for flavor definitely helps!

water bottle with fruit and herbs, making infused water

About 2 years ago a girl I know asked me for some cucumbers from the garden because she liked to add them to her water.....and my new fascination was born. Since then I have done my best to find as many water concoctions as I can and I think I've compiled a pretty good list. 


By getting an infusion water bottle I can also add herbs to my water without having them clog the bottle top. I love using herbs for both taste and medicinal qualities and this is a perfect way to use them fresh. My current favorite is cucumber & basil water, though I have many different 'recipes' I've come up with.

It's a pretty easy formula, just add fruit and herbs to a jug or bottle of water and you're good to go. Of course if you allow the water to infuse for 1-2 hours at room temperature (or 3-4 hours in the refrigerator) you'll get optimum flavor. Or you can muddle the fruit and herbs slightly with a muddler for a stronger taste. 

You can add almost any fruit, though I find some grapes don't add much flavor and bananas just get gross. 

Here are the combinations I've been using lately:
Lemon, basil
Cucumber, basil
Strawberry, lime
Peach, mint
Orange, lime
Cherry, mango
Blueberry, lemon 
Raspberry, peach 
Cantaloupe, cherry
Pomegranate, lemon 
Lemon, raspberry 
Honeydew, raspberry
Blackberry, pear
Watermelon, basil
Green apple, nectarine
Plum, lime
Kiwi, blueberry

Fruits that work well on their own:
Pink grapefruit

Herbs I like to add:
Lemon balm
Ginger (fresh of course)
Lavender (I use it fresh, still on the sprig)

Spices I've tried and liked:
Cinnamon stick
Vanilla bean (remove seeds first)

Cucumber, fennel and celery are the only vegetables I've tried so far, but anything your particularly fond of is worth a try. Same goes with herbs, if you're like it then give it a go!
You can also add edible flowers like rose or hibiscus if you enjoy those flavors.

A few more points about creating infused water concoctions:
  • Kiwi, while very pretty in my water bottle, does not add much flavor at all. So while I like to use it a lot, I don't expect a blast of flavor from it.
  • Citrus: If lime infused water is a little bitter, you can cut the rinds off to take the tart taste away. I find by changing lemons every few hours it also avoids a bitter taste.
  • I bruise herbs slightly or tear larger leaves into smaller pieces before placing them in the water to release the flavor and healing qualities. 
  • Don't be afraid to experiment! Some flavors are stronger then others so you may only need 1 piece of pineapple, but twice as much strawberry. Experiment to find what suits your taste the best.

fruit infused detox water

You can also infuse your waters in a pitcher and keep them in the refrigerator. The longer you infuse them the stronger they taste. 24 hours is the longest I've infused waters. Much longer and the fruit starts to get mushy and taste suffers. 

I prefer to carry mine with me in a bottle though. When looking for an infusion water bottle I think 3 things are important: 

  1. Infusion basket on the bottom. I don't like the basket on top bottles at all. Halfway through the bottle the basket is above the water and not infusing at all. A basket on the bottom keep the fruit & herbs under water until the last drop.
  2. Complete disassemble. I like to be able to take the top and bottom off of my bottle so I can clean it completely. I'm using it daily and need to make sure there are no areas I can't reach to clean well. Dishwasher safe is even better.
  3. BPA free. I'm trying to drink clean need for chemical additives in my bottle!

I got my infusion water bottle here on Amazon. I like keeping a bottle with me while in the garden, but I also take it to the gym with me too. Hydration is pretty important when working under the hot sun or doing cardio!

 A lot has been written about infused water often calling them 'detox' waters because of the health benefits of drinking lemon water....which is where this whole infusion water trend started! They've also been called 'weight loss' water and that's just misleading. *sigh* 

I will say that an adequate water intake in crucial for good health, but beyond that do your research before believing any health claims. When it comes down to it, everything on the above list are things I consume anyway and you probably do too. 

Water is a crucial part of our health especially in the summer and if adding some fruit or herbs to it makes it go down easier (especially well water lol) then go for it!


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  1. That water bottle is awesome! Thanks for the link, I drink a lot of infused water and tea this time of year. I love it!
    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  2. I want one!! Great idea ~ thanks for the link!

  3. Oh, that water bottle is very nice. We make mint water and lemon mint water at our house. It's so good this time of year. But the other combinations you shared sound so good too. Thanks for sharing at the Tuesday Garden Party.

  4. My wife does this some. I like the taste of our water, but adding blackberry may be in my future.

    Thanks for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop. Hope to see you there this week.

  5. I usually make infused water at home. It helps me drink more water each day! Thank you so much for sharing these healthy, delicious infused water with fruit and herbs recipes at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I'm pinning and sharing.

  6. I love the freshness of infused water! You've given some great combinations. Thanks for sharing with SYC.