How to clean spilled nail polish in seconds

Today I made a huge mess. I dropped a bottle of nail polish on the hard kitchen floor and not only did the top crack right off, but it starting spinning in circles, spewing purple nail polish in a giant spiral all over the floor! Thankfully spilled nail polish is super easy to clean up and within 3 minutes the floor looked good as new.

cleaning spilled nail polish without chemicals

To clean spilled nail polish off a hard floor all you need to do is dump sugar on it. Lots of sugar, and do it quickly. Thankfully, I was in the kitchen so the sugar canister was nearby. 

Yes, I videoed it for you...because honestly, if I had not seen it work I wouldn't have believed a floor with a whole bottle of nail polish spilled on it could get that clean again! 

It really did though! The nail polish wiped right up in less than 5 minutes! Unfortunately, because of the need to act fast I didn't get a picture till after I started treating it...but I'm sure you can just picture that part. Here's my lovely purple nail polish spiral covered in sugar. 

cleaning spilled nail polish with sugar

It happened so fast it's almost hard to figure out, but I was standing to the right of the picture when it dropped. It somehow spun across the floor spewing polish and coming to a rest at the left of the picture. *sigh* 

How to clean up spilled nail polish

First thing I did was remove the broken bottle and lid then pour sugar on the whole mess. Pour it on thick so there is enough to absorb the polish. Leave the sugar on the spilled nail polish for at least 20-30 seconds then wipe up with a paper towel. 

It might  take a little bit of rubbing if your floor has little crevices in the 'wood' like mine does. I don't know exactly how this works, but my theory is that the sugar absorbs the liquid in the nail polish causing it to gel. 

It's truly the craziest thing ever, but it really's the video. (excuse the video moving around, I was holding the phone in one hand and cleaning with the other....I was trying to make the best out of an emergency situation! lol)

Isn't that nuts? It works on other types of paint spilled on hard surfaces too, but thankfully I haven't spilled any of those lately. Once the nail polish is wiped up, simply sweep up the sugar mess and dispose of it. No acetone or paint thinner needed! 

cleaning up spilled paint with sugar.

The crazy thing is, that just yesterday we had been discussing whether this works or not in a makeup group. I was sure it wouldn't work, but when that nail polish spewed across the floor I had nothing left to lose by trying. I'm so glad that I did!

I really do love finding ways to clean without harmful chemicals and this fits the bill perfectly. It's a lot similar to how a dropped raw egg can be cleaned up easily by sprinkling a bunch of salt over it. The egg gels up under the salt the same as the nail polish gels under the sugar. I wonder what else we can clean with this method?

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