Seed bombs and other nature crafts for Earth Day!

Normally when Earth Day rolls around I busy myself with making changes inside the house to celebrate Earth Day. Getting myself some reusable bags or dryer balls is a great way to make my carbon footprint smaller year round. This year though, I'm over being inside the house! I wanted to do an activity that could take me outdoor instead! I decided to make seed bombs and throw them around on earth day.

Seed ball tutorial

Seed bombs are balls of compost or soil and flower seeds held together with a bit of clay. Once these seed bombs dry you can take them outside and toss them wherever you want flowers to grow! When they hit the ground they pop open (if you toss them) and when it rains they start germinating. 

Even if they don't break when they land, the seeds will still germinate in the next rain and plant themselves wherever they land. I happen to live in the woods so I'm going to throw them in all the open areas so maybe something besides wild blackberries and pokeweed will grow! lol

This is not to encourage guerrilla gardening, though if you do use seed bombs on an area you don't own make sure to use the seeds of native wildflowers not invasive species. I wouldn't advise anything like that, but if some of them were to make their way into empty lots that are overgrown with weeds...well, it might look pretty. (says the girl who used to live in the city next to a lot filled with weeds! Yes, it would have looked pretty!)

How to make seed bombs

You'll only need a few ingredients for this project. You should be able to pick up everything from Walmart or order it on Amazon. 

Crayola air dry clay
Compost or potting soil
Wildflower seeds

Obviously the compost or potting soil and seeds are so the seeds can grow and you need clay in the mixture to make the compost/soil and seed stick together.

Clay and seeds for seed balls.

I used Crayola air dry clay because that is what they had at Walmart and we're only shopping once a week now. Other brands should work just as well. 

I used both regular packaged wildflower seeds and the type that are packaged in a growing medium. I bought both at Dollar Tree, except the Cheerios seeds which are free on the Save the Bees site every year! 

The compost was from my compost pile but if you don't have compost, potting soil will work just as well.

I did this recipe in parts instead of exact measurements, so you can make as few or as many seeds bombs as you want! Pick which measurement you like (I went with 1/3 cup) and measure out 1 part clay. You'll need 4 parts compost/potting soil to every 1 part clay.

Thinning out the clay for seed balls.

Put your clay into a bowl and add about a tablespoon of water. Start smashing the clay up with a spoon. Once it absorbs the water you can add another tablespoon of water. Keep stirring and smashing, it gets easier as it absorbs more water. You want to get it to the consistency of pudding.

Once your clay is thinned out to where there are no lumps left, add your 4 parts of compost/potting soil and some seeds. If you use the seeds with the soil included, measure them as soil! If you're using regular seed packages just toss a pack or two in. Mix it together well. 

Blending soil, seeds and clay to make seed balls

The mixture should hold it's shape when you squeeze it in your hand and let go. If it's too dry add a little bit of water. You want to use as little water as possible. If the seeds get too wet it could cause them to start germinating too soon, so don't use more water than you have to.  

Form 1" balls and set them on a tray to dry.

Seed balls drying on tray

Let the seed balls dry for at least 24 hours before 'planting' them. To plant, just throw them where you want them. They should start to grow after the next rain.

Weird fact: the balls are going to feel heavy for their size. That's the clay and it's perfectly normal. 

Easy recycled earth day crafts.

Other ways to celebrate Earth Day

Since we're living in a world of "can't go shopping any time we want to" this Earth Day I've found a bunch of crafts to do at home that can be made with things you probably already have!

How to make a Bug Barn from Mom Junky. This would be an awesome Earth Day activity for the kiddos and what kid doesn't love catching bugs? But first...make a super cute bug barn!

Make a tin can Bird Feeder from Turning the Clock Back. I love recycled crafts and birds and the kids are going to love making this one too! I think I'll hang one by my kitchen window.

Make an Earth Day necklace with salt dough from Little Bins For Little Hands. Of course you have everything on hand to make salt dough! The only other things you need are some paint and twine. 

Create a recycled container Herb Garden like the one at Two Kids and a Coupon. You wanted to start seeds anyway, right? Well now is the perfect time since it's almost time to garden. 

Get the rest of your seeds started in these cute DIY Origami Paper Pots made from newspaper by Oh The Things We'll Make! What a great way to reuse newspaper!

You don't need much more than cake batter to make these Earth Day Cupcakes from Modern Mom Life. I can't think of a more perfect way to wrap up Earth day then with a yummy treat!

Make a save the bees seed packet and fill it with flower seeds collected from your own flowers! Free PDF download to print out a seed packet template and links to video instructions on how to collect seeds from flowers!

I think this is the first Earth Day ever that we can actually celebrate how healthy the planet is becoming! A lot of positive changes have happened to the environment since we've all spent so much time at home lately. Hopefully a trend that will continue. Have a great day!

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  1. Thank you for this informative article. Definately goingnto try making the seed bombs! I find your site very helpful. New subscriber here! :) -Laura

    1. Hi Laura! Glad to have you on board! Let me know how the seed bombs work out!