Getting started with gemstones. The first 13 healing crystals to buy.

Have you ever used healing crystals? They are one of my favorite things ever! Crystal stones...aka, natural gemstones all have different properties and many people use them for natural health and wellness. I use them often. There are a lot of different stones which all have different properties, so I have a wide assortment throughout my home and jewelry box. I've been collecting them for years!

My oldest stones have been in my collection for at least 15 years. I wear them as jewelry and have larger stones sitting around my house as decorations. I only started using them for healing maybe 10 years ago. Before that they were just pretty decorations. Turns out, they are so much more!

Natural gemstones. Geodes, points, clusters

If you have an interest in natural health, it is good to incorporate a lot of different forms of healing, like herbs or essential oils. So why not try using healing crystals? The term 'crystal' is slightly confusing though. You're probably picturing sparkling clear glass, but it's essentially just a raw form of gemstone. 

It's like how diamonds come out of the earth looking a lot less fancy than they do in a jewelers case. Natural stones are the same. In fact you'll likely recognize a lot of the more common gemstone names like amethyst, onyx, topaz and rose quartz but don’t realize many of these have healing properties. These are the exact same amethyst, citrine or topaz you see in fancy jewelry stores!

These are just a raw form, before they've been cut, polished and set in gold. Thankfully, collecting raw crystals makes them more affordable...which is good because once you get started with healing stones you'll want to buy a bunch!

Getting started with natural gemstones

If you are looking to start using gemstones for body and mind healing, it starts with choosing the crystals you'll use. Each crystal has its own set of benefits, whether it's a stone to help with your anxiety, one for protection from bad energies or those for more physical conditions. 

Different crystals also work with different chakras, which is another important aspect of holistic health. I don't get into this too much, but I will note which stone work with which chakras. 

When you are new to using the crystals, you'll probably want to chose crystals that have a range of properties...unless you have a particularly pressing issue. 

Remember that crystals work like most natural healthcare methods. You can notice a reaction but it won't be as drastic as taking a pill from the drugstore. However, the longer you use stones, the better they seem to work and there are no side effects!

Some people claim this is just a placebo effect. I don't believe that's correct but I wouldn't care if it was! If picking up a stone tricks my mind into telling my body to make something better...what's the harm in that?

For instance: I create several websites and all that goes with them. Sometimes I have nothing to say, other times I have topics coming out my ears! I keep a true citrine on my desk, it's the stone of creativity. I wrote the article that inspired my first book just a few days after placing that stone on my desk. 

That post topic was not an idea that ever popped into my head before, though I had a lot of experience with that topic! Coincidence? Maybe, but maybe not. We will never know, but I'm still pleased with the results. 

You may get very strong results when using crystals, or they may be more subtle. Also, it could happen quickly or take it's good ole time. When using crystals it's important to keep an open mind and give them time to work.

Here are 13 of the more popular healing gemstones and some information about the healing properties they each possess.

Lapis lazuli, rose quartz, amethyst & alexandrite natural stones

1. Lapis Lazuli

This is an excellent stone to start with, as it is easy to find and it has a lot of amazing benefits for you. Lapis lazuli comes in a brilliant, royal blue color, but with flecks of gold and other colors interspersed in the stone. 

Lapis lazuli is a semi-precious gemstone that comes from a blue metamorphic rock. Lapis lazuli is often chosen for jewelry and accessories based on its vibrant color.

<It is often used for relieving anxiety and stress, helping with eye or throat problems, and helping to ward off negativity. Lapis lazuli is often used for mental clarity. It is perfect for achieving a higher level of consciousness and better awareness of yourself. 

This stone is used on the throat chakra. In addition to self-awareness, lapis lazuli can also help you with finding your communication and creativity. If you have harmful energy, it will replace it with positive energy.

You can use lapis lazuli by holding it in your hand or against your throat, or wear it around your neck where it is used throughout the day for positive energy.

2. Amethyst

This is one of my favorites, and it's pretty affordable so you'll probably want to get a few for different uses! If you can get only one crystal and are looking for something colorful, amethyst is a good choice. Amethysts are purple and can vary in shades of light, medium, or dark purple with some blue hues as well. 

Amethyst can promote balance in your body and mind, helping you to sleep better, relieving anxiety, and helping with mood swings. It can help with alcoholism. It is used for the third eye chakra and crown chakra.

Amethyst provides some of the same benefits as quartz since it is a type of quartz, including improving brain potential and alertness. It is also frequently used to help with the lack of energy and headache pain from hangovers. You can also use amethyst when you want to connect a little better with your spirituality.

3. Rose Quartz

A hugely popular stone is rose quartz, which also has multiple healing benefits and is easy to find. Rose quartz is a clear light pink gemstone that is calming and symbolizes love. It is used to help open your heart chakra. When you have emotional or relationship troubles, rose quartz will provide you with some peace during this time and to help you to find clarity.

This is frequently associated with love and romance, often being a gemstone people put in jewelry that they will gift their significant other. You can also use it to help promote a healthy relationship and secure the bond between you and a loved one.

When you use rose quartz, it will provide a relaxing and calming atmosphere. If you have a lot of negative energy that you feel is harming your emotional energy, this is a good crystal to use.

Rose quartz is a good healing gemstone for yourself or to give to others. It also makes a good apology gift for a loved one to improve the positive energy between the two of you.

4. Alexandrite

This is a fun healing gemstone that actually changes colors. When you see the crystal indoors in its relaxed state, it is usually more of a reddish purple color. However, if you take it outside into the sunlight, it will change color to a blue-green shade. 

What many people have noticed is that it also changes hues based on your current health. This is why many people like to wear alexandrite to help with circulation, the lymph system and channeling your inner creativity. It can be used on the crown chakra.

Alexandrite can help balance your spiritual and physical sides. It's often used to attract good fortune and enhance self esteem. It is fairly rare so you might want to start with a small stone and see if you like using it before shelling out a bunch of money for a larger piece.

Clear quartz, Citrine, Onyx and Labradorite natural gemstones.

5. Clear Quartz

When people think of crystals, they often think of clear quartz as the classic crystal stone. Basic quartz is a clear, almost translucent crystal. It is a well-rounded healer, helping with emotional, mental, and physical wellness all at the same time. 

Quartz helps with improving your concentration, alertness, memory and stimulate the immune system. Clear quartz is often called the master healer and can be used with other stones to amplify their natural properties. It is often used to provide general positive energy. It can be used with the crown chakra.

There are many forms of quartz, including rose quartz which is also on this list due to its unique healing powers, but when you just see ‘quartz’, they are usually referring to the clear quartz. Clear quartz is an excellent first stone for many reasons including cost, availability and usefulness.

6. Citrine

This pale yellow crystal is one of the most faked stones you'll find in stores. Yes, fake stones are a real thing! A true citrine is a light yellow color, about the same shade as white wine. Dark yellow, yellow-brown and pale orange 'citrines' are actually created by heat treating amethyst! 

While extreme heat can change the color of an amethyst from purple to yellow it does not change the properties of the stone and these stones still retain the healing properties of amethyst.

Citrine is powered by the sun, so you will see that a lot of its health properties have to do with light and sunshine. Citrine can help boost your self esteem, providing you with positive energy. You can also get more focus and clarity when you use citrine, along with energizing your body and mind.

Citrine is great for spurring creativity, activating intuition and promoting happiness. Cleansing your aura of negative energy is one of the bigger health benefits of citrine as a healing crystal. Citrine is often associated with abundance and prosperity through work. It can be used with the sacral chakra.

7. Onyx

Onyx is an interesting black gemstone that usually has an opaque appearance. You will find onyx used a lot in jewelry as a black stone. Onyx, like quartz, comes in different colors, but we are talking about the dark, black onyx here.

Black onyx can help when you are experiencing emotional stress. It can encourage clear thinking, help with stress and anxiety and help through grief when you are grieving after losing a loved one or pet. It can help promote sensibility and self control.

If you feel like your energy is being drained from emotional causes, black onyx is a good gemstone to have on hand since it can promote balance. Black onyx can be used for the root chakra.

8. Labradorite

You may not recognize the name of labradorite, but you should definitely become more familiar with it. This is a type of feldspar that comes in vibrant colors, usually multi- colored. It has colors like blues and purples, often with flecks or streaks of green, yellow, and red. 

Some labradorite can also have brown or grey in it. It looks like it's black, but that is actually just a very dark purple or blue.

Labradorite can help a lot with your intuition, being used if you want to find what psychic abilities you have. You can use it to help with your level of consciousness, protect your aura, and help you with changes in your life. 

It is excellent for increasing your perseverance through struggles you might be going through. Labradorite can increase mental clarity, relieve anxiety & stress and balance hormones. Sometimes used for digestive issues. It is used with the throat chakra.

Blue Agate, Aquamarine, Topaz and jade natural healing crystals.

9. Blue Agate

Agate on its own can be a powerful gemstone. It comes is several colors which have some similar and some differing properties. While agates themselves are excellent for protection and emotional strength, I want to discuss a type of agate called blue lace agate, or blue agate.

This gemstone is used very often when you have chakra healing done with different stones and crystals. It is of course a blue crystal, which is often used for throat chakra. In throat chakra, you are improving your voice, opening it up and clearing it. 

You will see blue agate frequently used in necklaces or chokers, since it sits on your skin close to your throat.

You can use this for physical and emotional expressions and improve the positive energy in this part of your body. Blue lace agate is also great for balancing out the positive energy in your body. It is a calming stone, promoting feelings of peace and tranquility.

10. Aquamarine

This is a beautiful healing gemstone that many people have seen in jewelry stores. Aquamarine looks like the sea, so it helps a lot with promoting calm, relaxation and removing stress.

Aquamarine can balance out your emotions and help with relaxing you in times of stress, anxiety or when feeling overwhelmed. It can clear your mind, so it is great for holding onto during a meditation session. It is the stone of courage.

In chakra healing, aquamarine is used with heart chakra to help you with your self-expression and find your identity. It can also be used with the throat chakra to improve communication.

11. Topaz

This is one of the crystals that come in a wide range of colors and varieties. You can find topaz in a colorless form similar to quartz. It is also frequently found in oranges and browns, red, pink, yellow, green, and even a bright blue color. Most frequently you'll see the brown and blue colored topaz stones, especially in jewelry.

Topaz is known for restoring the positive energy in your body and removing the negative energy. It can remove anxiety and fear and strengthen optimism and wisdom. When you need motivation and to be re-charged, this is a good crystal to use. 

It can help with many things affecting your body’s energy, from healing and soothing physical ailments, to providing joy and abundance when you need it. 

If you need to forgive someone, it can help you find peace with that as well. Clear topaz can be used with the crown chakra and blue topaz is used for the throat chakra.

12. Jade

If you have ever purchased a piece of jewelry with a green gemstone that isn’t translucent, but more of a solid, matte appearance, you might have jade. Jade is one of the few natural gemstones that looks like this. It is a deep green crystal, though some are darker or lighter. Jade is often used in Asian-inspired designs and has been used as a good luck charm for many years.

Jade can help with setting goals and manifesting positive dreams. Jade stands for transformation, so people will use the crystal when they have fears they are trying to get rid of, as well as work on their future self. 

You can also use jade for encouraging feelings of generosity and courage. With jade, it is all about finding a more fulfilling life and creating harmony. It is used for the heart chakra.

Large chunk of natural Obsidian rock aka natural volcanic glass

13. Obsidian

Obsidian is another dark stone, so dark it is often confused with black onyx. It can be a black, translucent or a very dark green that looks nearly black. Obsidian comes from volcanic glass, and is formed when lava from a volcano cools. It looks and feels like jet black glass. 

It's fairly cheap as far as natural stones go, so you'll probably be tempted to buy a big chunk like in the picture above.

Obsidian is excellent with arthritis and joint pain, as well as any extremity pain, muscle cramps, and even indigestion. Many people also use obsidian when trying to detoxify their body. Obsidian is good for tension and stress, as well as anxiety. 

If you have a lot of confusion, you can gain more clarity with obsidian. Obsidian is often used for psychic protection. It is used for the root chakra.

What are gemstones and crystals?

Now that you have a clear idea of what you're looking for in a new stone collection to get started...let me muddy the waters a little bit! lol I referred to everything as either gemstones, stones or healing crystals. 

A crystal is a solid substance who's molecules bond in a geometric pattern. Think clear quartz or amethyst points. It's a recurring pattern both inside and outside the crystal. Topaz and citrine also form this way.

A gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal. There is a ton of grey area between the two and to confuse it even more, certain rocks like lapis lazuli and opal are considered gemstones even though they don't have that mineral crystal make-up. 

Then there are things like Amber which is a tree resin, the volcanic glass mentioned in #13 and other stones like which don't fall into either category. However, just because they don't fall into a category does not mean that they don't have very real healing properties! 

*sigh* well now that it's about as clear as mud, I'm signing off and getting started on another post explaining all that and how to use your newly acquired stones! 

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