Friday, April 21, 2017

How to design a planter you'll love!

We all know I love to garden but I noticed something about my gardening style a few years ago. I only plant flowers in planters! Weird, right? Unless it's an herb, all my flowering plants go in containers. I do have a few rock gardens specifically for flowers but there are absolutely no ornamental flowers in my regular garden. I'm also not picky about what kind of planters I use. I will plant flowers in any container that can hold dirt! I've used everything from a broken bucket to a kitty litter box for planters. 

planting flowers in containers

Planting flowers in containers is really easy you'll just want to keep a few points in mind.  

When deciding on flowers for your container most people go with the thriller/filler/spiller method. The thriller is something tall for the center of the container like ornamental grasses. The filler is a bushy type of plant that will fill in all the holes but not overwhelm anything. The spiller is a cascading type, something that will grow out of the containers and spill over the sides. 

When choosing plants you want to consider their eventual size not the size at planting. Leave room for them to grow into their new habitat or they become root bound and their growth will be stunted.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Top 10 health benefits of gardening

I love to garden. I can spend hours and hours digging, planting, weed pulling and mulching. I plant in the ground, in raised beds, in large outside containers and small windowsill planters. I grow everything from herbs and vegetables to fruits and flowers. Not only does gardening fill my kitchen with loads of fresh produce but it has other benefits too! There are lots of health benefits of gardening from less stress to better sleep. Spending time in your garden may be just what the doctor ordered...

health benefits of gardening

Stress relief: physical activity is known to help diminish stress and ripping out weeds can go a long way towards making your problems feel smaller.

Sense of accomplishment & improved self esteem: between making your outdoor space pretty, putting food on the table and cutting your grocery bill gardening can give you a great feeling of accomplishment which boosts mood and self esteem.

Improved sleep quality: of course any physical activity will tire you out and help you to sleep more soundly, but gardening can also reduce stress and anxiety both of which can keep you up at night.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The easiest way to grow potatoes

I grow potatoes every year and have honestly never started them this early before! However, I have a bag of potatoes that have sprouted so severely that I decided they are just asking to be planted. So, I'm planting them now...even though it's only April. I'm also planting these potatoes in feed bags because that is the easiest way to plant potatoes that I have ever tried! I love this method for several reasons mostly because I don't have to dig to harvest the potatoes. Also, there's practically no weeding. Plus its another way to reuse all those feed bags I have accumulated. However, I have never planted grocery store potatoes before so this project may require just a bit of luck...

how to grow potatoes

First of all I should mention that I store my potatoes in an old fashioned Potato and Onion bin. If you don't have one of these you need to read here why I love mine and why you need one! Yes, the potatoes did sprout and the onions sometimes do too but nothing ever spoils in that thing! This is one of those old fashioned items that I just don't understand why people quit using.

Friday, March 31, 2017

How to plant a Fairy Garden.

I love fairy gardens. I just think they're so super cute, plus the attention to detail just amazes me. I love all those tiny little benches, houses and signs! I think my favorite thing about fairy gardens is that they can be anything you want. My new one is just a little woods scene but I've seen farm scenes, and garden scenes with little potting benches and greenhouses. I've seen a glamping scene and a tiny tea party. The fairy garden I made last year for my porch even had a water feature! 

Make a fairy garden

When I decided to put a fairy garden inside my house I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it to look, but finding the pieces took a bit of time. I obviously needed fairy houses, signs and whimsical little statues but I also wanted a little 'stream' and a gold lined path. I decided I was going to need a fairly large container to fit all the things I wanted to. Luckily there are tons of planters available now, so I headed out to grab one and a few supplies to make this adorable fairy garden!
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