Thursday, January 4, 2018

The years best homesteading posts

2017 was a really fun year for me, both on the blog and in the garden. I wrote a lot more and grew a bunch of new and interesting plants in the garden. I spent the last 2 weeks going over old posts and tracking which ones were read and shared the most over the year. I'm always surprised to see what did and didn't make the top 10.

Interestingly enough, only 3 of the most read posts last year were actually written last year. Guess I need to step up my game for this year! 😉 The other interesting thing was that I had been under the impression that most people came to this blog to read about gardening (not actually sure where I got that idea now that I think about it!) Only half of last years top posts were actually garden related. 

I'll definitely be keeping that in mind when deciding what to write about this year! So without any more's my top 10 posts of last year!

8 Reasons why plants love cinnamon: This has been my most read post every year since it was written in 2014! I have found 8 different ways to use cinnamon in the garden. From fungus prevention to rooting hormone, every possible way to use cinnamon in gardening is in this post.

Feed your garden: Coffee grounds, eggshells & wood ash: How to use 3 things you normally throw away, to fertilize your garden and amend the soil instead. 

8 Tips to keep rabbits out of your garden: There's nothing worse than a rabbit that takes a bite out of all your homegrown produce! Here's how I get rid of rabbits in the garden.

How I got rid of toenail fungus quickly & naturally: Foot fungus can be found anywhere barefoot humans dwell. Pools, beaches, gyms....when I came down with a fungus under my toenail, I found the most effective treatment was a natural one.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Easy sew sinus headache pillow

I 'may have' mentioned a time or two that I get headaches. I have tried lots of different methods to get rid of them and it seems like anything that works, doesn't work all the time. I have had great results using essential oils for headaches and often take turmeric or drink basil tea to help alleviate the pain. The headaches I had last week though were a real doozy!

During this last bout of headaches, I reasoned that due to an accompanying stuffy nose they were most likely sinus headaches. Thankfully I have a lavender eye mask. It's a silk pillow filled with flaxseed and lavender. Simply heat it up in the microwave and lay across the eye/forehead area for about 10 minutes. Instant relief! Except, as soon as the headache started to subside I needed to warm it back up. Not a big deal during the day, but when awakened by head pain at night I didn't want to run back and forth to the kitchen a bunch of times. I wanted to heat it once, place it on my head and fall back to sleep as it worked. 

Lavender eye mask | sew | hand warmers

Clearly I needed a different eye mask. I remembered the hand warmers I made a few years back and decided to use them instead. Next time the headache hit, I warmed them up and popped them on my eyes. The heat lasted at least twice as long! I'm not sure if it was the rice filling, or the cotton fabric or maybe the combination of the two, but this worked much better! I just needed to make one in the right shape and add some lavender for it's amazing aromatherapy qualities!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How to choose a Christmas plant

It's the holiday season and that means lots of parties and events to attend...and lots of gifts to buy. Holiday plants can be a beautiful and easy hostess gift for that next party you're invited to, if you buy the right one. The wrong one though, could be disastrous.

Not all Christmas plants are created equally, and while some may last for years and years, others will be done for before the snow melts. Picking the right plant for the right person can go a long way towards making sure your gift is truly loved.

Choosing Christmas plants

When choosing a plant for someone else, you'll want to consider the plants care, probable lifetime and the gardening desires of the person you're buying for. Many people love the holiday colors but have no desire for a plant that will live for years. Others are simply heartbroken by something that will shortly die off and would prefer a long lived plant. Also, if they have pets, their pets could end up sick from the wrong plant. It's important to take all that into consideration when choosing a plant as a gift.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Adorable mini Christmas garden gifts

This was not supposed to be a blog post. This was only supposed to be a quick way to throw together a little hostess gift with some plant clippings and bows. It really got out of hand! What started as 1 mini-rosemary topiary turned into 3 mini Christmas themed planters. *sigh* Let me start at the beginning.

Everybody knows how much I love my plants ... especially my herbs! What better way to spread the love of herbs this holiday season than with a rosemary topiary? I set out to make this with my out of control rosemary 'bush' and a few pots I had picked up from the dollar spot at Target. I clipped my rosemary, prepared it and rooted it then decided it looked suspiciously like a Christmas tree. So I decorated it. 

Adorable mini Christmas gardens

Then I had to make another one in a shape, since the first one sorta failed. After that I only had 1 pot left so I tossed in some succulents that I had been propagating and voila! 3 mini Christmas gardens. That's my story...and I'm sticking to it!