Monday, December 4, 2017

Adorable mini Christmas garden gifts

This was not supposed to be a blog post. This was only supposed to be a quick way to throw together a little hostess gift with some plant clippings and bows. It really got out of hand! What started as 1 mini-rosemary topiary turned into 3 mini Christmas themed planters. *sigh* Let me start at the beginning.

Everybody knows how much I love my plants ... especially my herbs! What better way to spread the love of herbs this holiday season than with a rosemary topiary? I set out to make this with my out of control rosemary 'bush' and a few pots I had picked up from the dollar spot at Target. I clipped my rosemary, prepared it and rooted it then decided it looked suspiciously like a Christmas tree. So I decorated it. 

Adorable mini Christmas gardens

Then I had to make another one in a shape, since the first one sorta failed. After that I only had 1 pot left so I tossed in some succulents that I had been propagating and voila! 3 mini Christmas gardens. That's my story...and I'm sticking to it!

Monday, November 27, 2017

The indoor gardeners gift guide

Winter is so hard for gardeners! All we want to do is be out in the sunshine, digging in the dirt and planting things. Sadly, the ground is frozen and there are months to go before we plant again. *sigh* It feels like winter will never end! (am I being too dramatic here? lol)

I've found that most gardeners turn to indoor gardening in winter. Whether it be decorative houseplants or growing herbs, our need to dig in the dirt and make things grow cannot be stopped by a little snow! I think that is part of why succulents have enjoyed such popularity lately. 

indoor gardeners gift guide

Personally I have just about every holiday plant you can get. From Amaryllis to poinsettias and everything in between, I have them all! So it makes perfect sense that I would have (or want) all kinds of great new gardening gadgets for Christmas. Since nobody wants to have to wait for months to use their new gifts, this year I'm asking for all indoor gardening accessories. Maybe that will help me beat the 'no garden' blues that come with the onset of cold weather!

Monday, November 20, 2017

How to care for air plants

I like to think I'm pretty good with plants. I can usually manage to make them grow and thrive, but at the very least I always manage to keep them alive. I do especially well growing herbs and other medicinal plants indoors, I'm really good with those. There is only one type of plant I ever managed to kill. I actually killed four of them. Air plants.

I'm sure you're wondering how that's possible after all, an air plant has virtually no care necessary. The problem was, I thought that too. I believed the little cards that came attached to my air plants that said "just mist with water once a month" and that is all I did. Every single one died.

How to | air plants

That's when I learned something about the instructions that come with air plants. Everyone lies! Well, maybe not everyone, but every plant tag on the air plants I bought did. *sigh* Now I don't know exactly why a plant would have incorrect information on the tag but they do! I'm guessing they think it's a selling point, but Air plants actually need a lot more water than the tag says. They actually like to be, well ... soaked.

Monday, November 13, 2017

How to force an Amaryllis to bloom again

If you're like me, everyone in your circle of friends and family knows you love plants. Which means you probably receive a lot of seasonal plants for gifts! Over the years I have gotten some of the most amazing poinsettias, paperwhites, evergreen bushes and even a rosemary topiary shaped like a Christmas tree!

A few years back my cousin gifted me with a beautiful red amaryllis. It bloomed right at Christmas time and had 2 flower stalks with 3 gorgeous blooms each. When she gave me the amaryllis (Amaryllis belladonna) she said something quite bizarre (at least to me).

How to force Amaryllis blooms

She told me "Sadly these are only good for one Christmas. Just like poinsettias." I told her not to worry, I'd figure out how to make it bloom again. After all, I turn my poinsettias red in time for Christmas every year. I figured out how to make my Christmas cactus bloom often. I can definitely figure this out! 

A few weeks after the holidays were over, my plant drooped over and all the leaves dried up. I plucked them off but continued to water the bulb. Shortly after, it started to sprout again. The leaves grew just as tall and beautiful as before with one exception. No flower stalk. I had done some research though and knew this was normal.