Sunday, February 10, 2013

Growing Herbs in pots (and Basil tips!)

I love fresh herbs. Especially Basil. I could probably eat it raw. Well, I guess I do in Caprese salads! Anyway, it's always at the top of my list of herbs to grow. I use it so much that in addition to growing it in my garden (to dry), I also grow it in a pot on the patio right outside my kitchen. My favorite so far has been Basil Genovese, though I have tried many types over the years!

Growing herbs in pots, growing basil

I guess I have Basil issues! Let me explain a little further though...the garden is only 1/2 an acre away. Not a huge walk, but it's full of dirt. When it rains the dirt splashes up and gets on the herb leaves. When I'm cooking I rinse the herbs, but giving them several rinses to make sure I get all that sun-dried dirt off is a bit time consuming. I don't use plastic ground covers (although that would help) so this pot method works best for me. Of course when I'm ready to harvest and dry the herbs I don't mind doing the extra work.
Normally I grow Basil, Parsley, lemonbalm and Chives on my windowsill in the winter. I've found I get the best results by putting basil seedlings into the garden rather then starting seeds indoors. Unfortunately they get a bit leggy and don't grow quite as big indoors. They still taste wonderful though!

Basil likes well drained soil  so I put some pebbles in the bottom of the pots to give the water room to drain away from the soil. Basil likes it warm, so a sunny draft-free window is ideal. I give the plants some fertilizer about once a month when indoors or even when potted outside. I'll add a bit of compost on top of the soil and/or make them some compost tea. They love it! When it gets really hot outside, make sure you water potted basil frequently.

Prune basil when it starts to get too big and it will encourage it to get bushier. Also, remember to pinch off the flowers until your ready for it to go to seed. Don't forget to save some seeds for next year!

herbs windowsill

Speaking of dying you see the "dead" stink bug on the left? I seriously hate touching those things, so his little 'carcass' sat there for 3 days. Finally it turned warm out and I got a bit of spring cleaning fever. I started vacuuming up all the little leaves that had fallen off the Lemon Balm and decided that would be an excellent way to get rid of his little stink bug body. Just as I lifted the hose to suck him up, his legs started moving. EEEEEEK! Yuck! It's alive! How gross is that? Something in the weather hitting 60 (outside now, mind you) triggered his little body to UN-hibernate inside the house. Which makes my husband right...the only way to get rid of them is to flush them.

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  1. I love having pots of growing things on the patin that I can clip and use. Herbs are so easy it's hard to imagine why anyone wouldn't want to give them a try. Very healthy looking basil you have there.

  2. I do love to grow herbs, but haven't ever done them in pots. Great idea!


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