The end of winter?

Early Friday morning it snowed. A heavy wet snow that clung to absolutely everything and made for a beautiful walk through the woods.

Winter in Western Pennsylvania

snowfall in boyers, pa

At some places trees that we normally drive our quads under were so heavy with snow, they bent down to touch the ground....almost blocking the path.

winter in Boyers, Pennsylvania

Everything was completely coated, even the sides of trees and branches making a true winter wonderland.

Winter is here! It's snowing in Boyers!

Most of the animals didn't want to come out, except for the ducks! They headed straight for the pines and spent the day under the heavy branches quacking out their opinions of this 'fowl' weather to all who would listen.

The forests edge blanketed in snow

We're all hoping this will be the end. A final goodbye from winter before the warmth of spring brings the plants back to life again. Hoping....hoping....hoping...


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