A pretty egg basket

Often when I tell people about my chickens they make the comment "they must make a pretty egg basket". Well, yes...they do. Not really my motivation on this one though. Originally it started out with ordering French Black Copper Marans eggs. The seller sent me some light brown 'mystery' eggs. It turned out to be an Easter Egger who laid greenish colored eggs. I had to get her a friend, so I picked up an 'Arcauna' (EE) pullet from the feed store. She happens to lay blue eggs. 

My blue and splash marans lay lighter eggs then the FBCM. All the bantams lay little cream colored eggs. The duck lays a big white swirly looking egg. So, it just sorta happened that my egg basket looks like this:

pretty colored eggs in basket

(no FBCM eggs in the basket this time...sorry!) Don't get me wrong...I love the pretty eggs! I just think that the hens are the best part of the whole thing! Their cute little faces, and funny personalities. They way they trip over each other, running when I call them. They are real sweethearts! So while the eggs are pretty, they're more like a bonus gift from my spoiled little chooks!


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