Caprese sandwich...a taste of summer

I found some lovely stem tomatoes in the grocery store this week. Nothing taste like summer like a fresh tomato. Unfortunately it's not tomato season so the closest I've been able to come is the occasional stem tomato imported from somewhere warmer. *sigh* While they can't quite stand up on their own, they can really make a Caprese sandwich. I still have fresh Basil growing on my windowsill so I only needed a few more ingredients for my sandwich.....extra virgin Olive oil, some crusty wheat rolls and fresh mozzarella.

ingredients for a caprese sandwich

I chopped the Basil, sliced the Tomato and mozzarella and layered it on the roll with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.

making a caprese sandwich

Mmmm, taste like summer to me! I love to sit on my patio and eat, but I hate to take a bunch of plates and utensils. This makes it so easy to take a Caprese salad with me! I have to admit though, this is my grown-up summer sandwich. When I was little my Granny used to make us chipped ham sandwiches on Town Talk bread with mayo and fresh tomatoes. It still brings back memories after all these years!

What is your favorite summer lunch?



  1. yum! This is one of my favorite summer lunches. I can't wait for tomato season!

    1. I too! It only a short while away now!!!