Favorite flower picture

It's here!!!! The wait is finally over!!! Ever notice that when you are waiting for something time seems to just D-R-A-G? Well, it feels like months since Living The Country Life magazine contacted me asking to use one of my pictures in their magazine. In reality it's only been a few weeks, but boy the time has dragged. Yesterday I received a package in the mail from them and the magazine was inside!

flower picture in magazine

It's so exciting seeing my pictures in print! I have to say I spent a lot of time as a photographer trying to do what others were doing. I wanted to shoot stunning models like Mark, or heart wrenching editorial images like Uncle Dan....but when it came down to it the best advice came from a blog (of course) which simply said to 'shoot what you love'. Since my love lies here on the farm with my family, critters and gardens....that's what I have been shooting all along. Once my focus shifted closer to home, I've found that my photography has improved. I'm especially proud of photos of the things I've grown or raised. They're my babies after all!

The Dahlias in the picture are some of my favorite flowers. I love the two tone ones. This year I also bought Dinner Plate Dahlias, they are supposed to be HUGE! I can't wait to see how they grow. I just need to find a spot for them....hmmm. Maybe this will be the year I learn to dig and save Dahlia tubers at the end of the season. Who knows?



  1. Congrats!! What an honor! The dahlia is just stunning! They are one of my favorites to grow. Nothing better than a big vase full of them in the summer.

    1. Thanks so much! It's so hard to pick what colors to grow each year...there are so many pretty colors available!