The melted chapstick car mess fix

My husband uses Chapstick. I use Chapstick too, or lipgloss or lipstick but he hates my flavored ones. Even the awesome green apple Chapstick! He says "what posses a 41 year old woman to still use this stuff?" I think he means it as an insult, but I don't care. I like it. I mean c'mon, do I really have to act like a grownup in every single aspect of my life?

clean melted lipgloss from inside car

Anyway, he keeps a plain Chapstick in his car and another in my truck. Yesterday I got in the car and the picture above is what greeted me.

The Chapstick heat problem

Once again it had melted out of the tube. I ended up cleaning up a melted mess. Every summer I'm out there wiping up melted Chapstick. Several times every summer. 

I don't have the foggiest idea why this never occurred to me before, after all I have tried everything from propping it up against something to lining the area it sits in with napkins. Suddenly it hit me that I should put it into a small jar. Eureka! What an idea!

Keep Chapstick from melting all over your car

First I dug out an empty jar that I had bought with mineral makeup powder in it. I cleaned it out then turned the Chapstick tube upside down in it and microwaved it. I heated it on high for 10 second intervals until it melted out. 

The lid of the tube was full also so I melted that too, then just poured it in. I took it out of the microwave and let it cool, then simply put the lid back on. 

If you don't have an empty container this set of 10 on Amazon is only $6 and they have cute multicolored lids! They hold 5 grams each, so an entire tube of Chapstick will fit in them if you want! 

Now the moment of truth, I showed my husband and told him what I had done. To my surprise he thought it was a wonderful idea and even said that yes, he would use it! Yeay! I cannot believe it took me this long to come up with this. Seriously...where was my head? 

Melting chapstick to put in container

I can come up with solutions for lots of problems, but this time the simplest thing eluded me. *sigh* I guess it was a forest for the trees type of thing.

I find it really weird that with so  many brands and types of lip balm that are available, practically none of them are melt proof! EOS is one of my favorite lip balms and it melts like crazy in the car (plus that is a huge mess!) 

You would think someone would come up with a tube that doesn't melt by now! I think from now on I'm just going to melt my favorite Chapstick into a container to start with and save my truck the greasy mess!
Update: It is now 2022 and my husband is obsessed with pink lemonade Chapstick! LOL Also, I found this Chapstick on Amazon and it doesn't make a mess. I love it! It's actually in a squeeze tube so it can be left n the car without melting everywhere. 

That one is Peach Tea flavored which is great. They also have a flavor called Sweet Nectar that I haven't tried, but it sounds yummy!


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  1. Doesn't like flavored Chapstick?! Blasphemy! Never tried apple, but you can't beat classic cherry. :)

  2. I know, right???? Chapstick has been coming out with seasonal flavors and my daughter kept stealing my peppermint at Christmas. lol I think the cherry and apple are my favorites.


  3. We call it Lip-Ice in SA and I love most flavors {definitely not plain!} and I am even older than you are ! Excellent idea to put it into a small container :-) Thank you for sharing this at our All My Bloggy Friends Party ! Hope to see you again tomorrow!

    With A Blast

  4. Well that's a cool idea! I've been addicted to Chapstick since I was a teenager, and I have sent several tubes through the wash, and melted untold ones in the car. I finally learned to keep them in my purse and that stopped all the loss.

    1. My daughter sends her's through the wash all the time! lol It's just one of those things that's easy to forget I guess.


  5. Good morning Lisa! You are the featured blogger this week again over at The Welcoming House! I laughed through your post and love how ingenious you were in solving an issue everyone faces at one time or another in their lives. I also laughed because I love flavored chapstick too, and the more junior-high the flavor, the better!
    Hope you have a wonderful week and congratulations!!!

    1. Thanks so much Heather! I'm just thrilled to be chosen again!

      Have you tried the cake batter flavored Chapstick that just came out? Yummy!!!!