Fast and easy Pizza muffins

This recipe is brought to you courtesy of a broken link. Weird, right? I was trying to find a recipe for pizza dough and through Google I found a picture of mini pizzas in muffin tins, but no link. So I tried to make up names for it and guess what it would be called to figure out where it was posted.....Little pizza bites? Mini pizza muffins? One bite pizza snacks? 

Nope, none matched the picture. *sigh* I was going to have to make this one up...but how hard could it be? It looked like biscuits and pizza toppings. I can do this!

fast pizza bites for kids

First I preheated the oven 400 degrees according to the biscuit can. Then I assembled some ingredients. I got out a jar of spaghetti sauce, garlic salt, some cheese and toppings.

easy pizza bites

I ripped about 1/4 of the biscuit off and put this piece to the side. I placed the remaining piece of biscuit in the bottom of the muffin tin. I didn't use liners. Press the biscuit piece so that it covers the bottom of the muffin tin, but don't smoosh it flat! Spoon some pizza sauce on and top with whatever toppings you want. The kids like mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. I prefer basil, onions, Romano cheese and fresh tomatoes. Take the reserved piece of biscuit and flatten it out a want it to be a uniform thickness so it cooks evenly. Place this on top of your pizza muffins and you're ready to bake. 
easy pizza snack

Bake according to package directions. Mine said 12 minutes. Watch for burning! (really wasn't a problem, but keep an eye out anyway) Let cool in pans for a few minutes and pop out and enjoy!

recipe mini pizzas

Easy, right? I made these right before we had to leave to go somewhere and they were a perfect snack. I used the normal or 'small' sized biscuits. If you try to use the large or 'grands' size you will have to tear them in half first or they will overflow the muffin tins! The kids can even help top their own mini pizzas for a family activity.  Fun and yummy!


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