Free flowers....seeds and volunteers

Am I the only one that gets free seed packets in the mail? I get a packet from a heating company every year with a Christmas card. I get another packet from a national publishing company and still more from friends and neighbors when they get those 'party favor' seed papers. Normally I just don't use them since I have my gardens planned out way in advance. This year though I decided to try them out. 

free flower seeds and volunteer plants

I planted each packet in a separate pot (planning on thinning later)  and sat back and waited. The results were a little unexpected. Well, I expected the seed papers to not work at all and that was exactly what happened! Just from looking at them I could only see maybe 3 seeds on each.....the odds were against that one to start with. 

The packets however surprised me. Though they seemed to grow a little slower I did get a few flowers out of each one. Not enough that I needed to thin them, but I still got a few pretty flowers. 

Truthfully, I expected more to grow. I expected it to be no different then seeds I would buy in a store. I posted about factors that affect seed viability in this post...and I suppose since the seeds were handled by a third party and shipped through the mail, that could have affected them. 

Who knows, all I know is only a few sprouted per pack but that's ok because they look good in the pretty colored pots!

Luckily I had lots of other free flowers popping up too! This year I've been pulling lots of little pale green weeds that seemed oddly familiar. I knew I didn't plant them but I kept thinking that they weren't ordinary weeds. 

Then one popped up by the fish pond and I didn't notice it. It grew several inches tall and started to get flower buds on it. I decided to let it bloom and when it did, I recognized it as a flower I had seen at the farm market. 

wild flowers

I had never planted any of those though! How is it possible that they are popping up in every flower bed and even my veggie garden??? Don't get me wrong, I understand how seeds get spread. Especially dill. I have dill everywhere! 

I just don't understand how they got here to begin with. I like them though, and have let them grow wherever they want. They add a pop of Of color here and there and are much prettier then the weeds! As far as volunteers go, they're my most colorful ones this year!

If you don't happen to get seed packets in the mail and would like to try this experiment, Cheerios gives away packets of seeds to help save the bees. They update their seed giveaway page every spring with an order form and they will send you a pack of 500 seeds absolutely free! I used mine to make seed bombs!

How are your flowers growing?


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  1. I get tons of seed packets in the mail too, but alas I don't plant them. A green thumb is something that I will never have. ;-(

    1. You should try it! I didn't do much but water them...what have you got to lose? lol


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  3. I love volunteer flowers! Thanks so much for sharing at Tuesdays with a Twist.
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  4. I love your post. I so need to get going on some of the free seeds I was given too. Thanks for the inspiration.


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