Halloween means I can't complain about Xmas anymore!

Well, the title says it all folks. It's Halloween, which means I can no longer say "I can't believe they're putting Christmas decorations out already!" every time I go to the store. *sigh* More then what I can or can't say....it means that I have to accept the fact that the 'retail Christmas season' is coming no matter how I feel about it. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Christmas. Really! I get so excited to see people open their gifts. I just can't take the fact that retailers start shoving it down our throats before fall has even really well, fallen.

chicken jack o lantern

I need some time, some space in my calender to process the fact that summer is actually over. My beloved garden is falling asleep. The trees are not only gaining their colors but their loosing them too. Frost is only just creeping in and Heavens to Murgatroyd, but they have snowflakes hanging in stores already! How dare they! I at least need till the end of October, but truly wish they'd wait till after Thanksgiving. (oh yeah, that's not gonna happen!) 

I'm bracing myself for the assault to my senses. Christmas music in every restaurant, store, office and elevator. Sale signs on every corner. Christmas specials on every television channel. All 687 channels. Kids having meltdowns in every public place. Forget the '12 Days Of Christmas' it lasts 2 months now. That's a whole month too long.

I get it....retailers want us to be in the Christmas spirit to spend money and the longer they can drag that out, the more we spend. Theoretically. If you watch the spending stats holiday consumerism has gone up only slightly the last few years. Ironically most consumers claimed to have spent less or the same in over the last few years. Interesting, right? 

I just can't get into it yet. I mean, I will....just not till after Thanksgiving! I need one more month to enjoy fall, pumpkin everything, apple pie and pretty leaves. Then I'll be ready to bring out the pine trees and hang snowflakes. Untill then I will take time to enjoy fall in all it's glory and today I will be enjoying Halloween. I hope you do too!