Keep boots dry with a pool noodle!

There is nothing worse then boots that feel damp inside! I really hate that. I have one pair that make my feet sweat like crazy. I have another pair that gets wet inside every time I wear them in the  rain. Yuck! I try not to wear them when it's wet out, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way. 

Tall dress boots with pool noodles in them to keep them standing up

When boots do get wet inside, it's important to allow them to dry thoroughly. Especially tall ones. Bacteria can thrive in moist dark areas like a pair of knee high boots. The best thing to do is to stand them up to dry them out.

Thankfully, I have a dollar store hack to save your boots from moisture damage, and save you some money....

Drying out wet boots with a pool noodle!

If you have a boot dryer, then you'll want to use that first. This way the warm air is pushed all the way into the toe of the boot making sure no moisture remains. Afterwards, I like to use the boot trick to keep them shaped properly.

Tall boots that are allowed to flop over get ruined quite easily. Not only can the leather start looking worn in the folded over areas, but mold can actually grow where the leather is touching itself!

dry boots pool noodle

Make Boot Stays

Unfortunately boots don't always stay up on their own and my tall boots need some help staying up. I'm not into buying expensive boot drying racks that take up a ton of space...I prefer to shove my boots in the closet for storage. So, instead I grab last years pool noodles and cut them to fit each boot.

Since the height of each boot pair is different, there is no exact measurement. Just stick the pool noodle into the boot. Mark off where the top of the boot is on the noodle. Cut pool noodle to fit. That's it!

I just put half a pool noodle in each boots when I take them off and they keep their shape nicely. They hardly take up any space when I'm not using them. These work extremely well for tall boots, though you might need them for shorter boots too if they tend to slouch over when you take them off. 

If you don't like the look of the pool noodles you can cover them with cute knee socks or leg warmers. I had an extra pair of fleece topped boot socks so I used those. Just cover the pool noodle with the socks and tie with a bit of colorful ribbon.

Boots with homemade boot stuffers inside

Since they're made of durable plastic foam, they will last you a long time and save you a lot of money! The only downfall is that the kids seem to think the cut off noodles make good 'swords' for fighting. *sigh*


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