8 Tips to keep rabbits out of your garden

Growing up, I never thought I'd actually want to keep rabbits out of my garden. Mt fathers used to point out the baby bunnies in our yard each spring and I thought they were just the cutest things ever. Oh how I would love to have a fluffy little bunny visiting my yard and garden....or so I thought. 

30 odd years later, now that I have my own bunny in my garden I'm not so thrilled about him. Sure he's cute, but darn is he destructive! Him and his family eat my hostas, carrot tops, lettuce and green beans. I find bites in my melons and chunks missing from my radishes. He even eats my flowers!

Rabbit, keeping it out of the garden

This is not how I imagined it! I have tried many many rabbit prevention methods to keep Peter Rabbit and the other bunnies out of my garden and these are a few that have worked.


Keep rabbits our of the garden!

1) Fencing. By far this is the most effective way to keep rabbits away from your plants! If it's a flexible fence (the plastic net types) use stakes to hold it down so they don't just sneak under. These landscape fabric pins work well. Chicken wire is very effective especially when buried a few inches underground. A wooden fence can be used if the slats are close together, or chicken wire can be stapled to it. Welded wire is a stronger option and won't rust as quickly.

2) Plant stuff they don't like around the outsides of your garden: Cucumbers, asparagus, squash, Calendula, corn, tomatoes, hot peppers, geraniums, salvia, catnip, basil, oregano, onions and garlic

3) Vinegar corn cobs: Soak corn cobs in white vinegar overnight. Put the corn cobs around the edges of your garden. Re-soak them every few weeks.

4) Irish spring soap: Chop it up and hang in bags around the perimeter of the garden. They hate the smell. I use the small lemon bags from the store, but old pantyhose work well too.

Rabbits are deterred by strong smells

5) Human hair and blood meal powder can be sprinkled around the edges of the garden also. They dislike the scent. Ask your hairdresser to save some hair for you on your next visit.

6) Hot pepper spray: Soak hot pepper flakes in water overnight. Strain and pour into a spray bottle. Spray on foliage. Reapply after it rains. For an even stronger concoction, add a few crushed cloves of garlic to the mixture.
hot pepper spray as bunny repellent

7) Scare them off: let the dog out, or the cat. Most rabbits will learn to avoid your garden if it means a run in with a much larger animal! Since rabbits are prey animals, they are pretty careful about frequenting areas where predators tend to be.

8) Liquid fence. This is the best rabbit (and deer) deterrent I've tried. Just spray it on the foliage and it drastically cuts down the amount of bunny damage you'll see.You can pick it up at the garden center or on Amazon.  

Speaking of deer, if you have a problem with deer getting into your garden also you check out how I deal with that issue: How to keep deer out of your garden.                     

garden deer spray

These are just the rabbit repellent methods that I've found to work but I'm sure there are more! Do you have a sure-fire way to keep rabbits out of the garden?


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keep rabbits out of garden