The indoor gardeners gift guide

This post has been updated for the 2023 holiday season!

Winter is so hard for gardeners! All we want to do is be out in the sunshine, digging in the dirt and planting things. Sadly, the ground is frozen and there are months to go before we plant again. *sigh* It feels like winter will never end! (am I being too dramatic here? lol)

I've found that most gardeners turn to indoor gardening in winter. Whether it be decorative houseplants or growing herbs, our need to dig in the dirt and make things grow cannot be stopped by a little snow! I think that is part of why succulents have enjoyed such popularity lately. 

List of gifts indoor gardeners really want

Personally I have just about every holiday plant you can get. From Amaryllis to poinsettias and everything in between, I have them all! So it makes perfect sense that I would have (or want) all kinds of great new gardening gadgets for Christmas. Since nobody wants to have to wait for months to use their new gifts, this year I'm asking for all indoor gardening accessories. Maybe that will help me beat the 'no garden' blues that come with the onset of cold weather!


The indoor gardeners gift guide:

AeroGarden: I'm going to start off with the item in the image up above. That is the AeroGarden that I received for Christmas last year. This is a complete hydroponic gardening system with digital display that  tells you when to add plant food and water. LED lights turn off and on by a programmable timer. 

I have the AeroGarden Bounty Elite but there are many models (and prices) to choose from! Mine holds 9 plants and I am seriously amazed at how fast my herbs and lettuces grow in this thing! It pretty much does everything but plant the seeds.

Gardeners gifts

Indoor plant care tool set: I have had this set for years and I just love it! It has a little canvas bag that holds small tools and a plant sprayer. These tools are, window plant size. They work well though and they're great for caring for smaller indoor plants. I also use them when starting seeds.

The Garden Journal, Planner and Log Book: A journal style book of garden forms and checklists to fill out with your past gardening experiences and plan for next year's garden is just the thing to get a gardener through the long winter!

LED plant grow light: If you don't have a window with great light, you can use a grow light instead. I have this small single plant LED grow light and love the fact that it has a clamp that I can attach it anywhere. Grow lights make it much easier to garden indoors when there's just not enough hours of sunlight in the day. There's also a triple head LED grow lamp which would be better for multiple plants.

plant lovers gifts

Indoor plant watering

Stainless steel watering can: Perfect for watering indoor plants. Stainless steel watering can with extra long spout holds 1/2 gallon of water. Very modern and classy looking plus the long, thin spout lets you get in close to the roots instead of drenching the whole plant.  

Glass plant mister: This glass and brass plant mister is perfect for misting plants that like high humidity like rosemary. I love the clear glass bottle for the water. Comes in several colors of brass finish. I particularly like the matte gold, but the chrome is lovely too!

Gifts for gardeners

Pots and planters

7 Pocket vertical garden wall planter: These would be amazing for someone who wants to grow their own lettuce indoors! This is basically a row of 7 hanging plant pockets. Simply mount on the wall in bright light, fill each pocket with soil and seeds and water as needed. Pack of two!

10 Piece metal hanging flower pot set: I have had this plant pot set for 4 years now and they are still in great shape (even though I accidentally left a few outside most of last winter!) These are great because not only do they have curved handles to easily hang them from any rod or railing, but with 10 different colors in this plant pot set they match every room.

Gardening gifts

Indoor herb garden with timer: Indoor planter and light set to grow herbs indoors includes LED light kit. Fits 3 small potted plants. Light stays on for 12 hours then the timer turns it off for 8. Perfect for starting seed indoors or growing lettuce in winter!

Complete terrarium kitThis terrarium kit comes with everything you need for a mini fairy garden terrarium. Pea gravel, activated charcoal, organic soil, river rocks, moss and little toadstool figurines are included along with the glass globe container.  

You could forgo the seeds included and pick up a succulent or air plant for a few dollars to make it complete. 

Tea garden starter set: This herbal tea growing set includes everything you need to grow 4 herbal tea plants. Chamomile, mint, lemon balm and catnip. Includes instruction book, 4 seed packets, 4 biodegradable planters, 4 soil discs & 4 plant markers.
Now I know I can't speak for ALL gardeners ... but most of those items are on my wish list this year! What are you hoping for?

Bonus option...
Holiday plant: Of course you can always buy your indoor gardener a plant! There are so many special plants only available during the Christmas season, but which one should you pick? Here is my Guide to choosing the perfect holiday plant as a gift. This will talk you through each plant that is available and why or why not it will be a great choice for your plant loving friend! From throwaway Paperwhites to evergreen trees that will eventually need planted, here's how to make your choice.

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indoor gardeners gift guide


  1. That watering can is beautiful! And I love the indoor herb kit. I may have a black thumb, but I can still dream, right?

  2. My mother-in-law loves indoor gardening. Thank you for this. Thanks so much for joining the To Grandma's House We Go link party!

  3. What an awesome gift guide for gardeners! I can see how a lot of this would be so appealing to someone itching to get their hands in the dirty if you live in cold climes. It would be fun to try the terrarium kit, and the other items are interesting too.