Homesteaders Holiday Gift Guide

Updated for 2023

Can you believe the holidays are almost here already? Ugh! I'm so not into shopping this year, but luckily I've already purchased a lot of gifts for my homesteading and gardening friends so I won't have to spend too much time Black Friday shopping! These are some of my favorite items from the last year....I think you'll find many of them quite useful around ye old homestead! 

Homesteaders gift guide

I did my best to try not to be too much like every other gift guide out there. I think everything on this list fits the homesteading lifestyle. Everything here is useful, practical and/or makes life easier, cheaper or simpler. Click the blue text to take you to the products.

If you're looking for a gift for a plant lover here is my Indoor Gardeners Gift Guide. Most homesteaders also like to grow things indoors especially in winter.

Gifts for homesteaders

Herb Scissors: I'm going to start with my newest favorite kitchen tool, herb scissors. I seriously love these as they make it super easy to chop or dice fresh herbs. Simply snip herbs like you're using regular scissors. The 5 sets of blade work perfectly to cut your herbs without having to haul out the cutting board and chopping knife! 

These are perfect for the homesteader that grows and preserves their own herbs. They make quick work of all the chopping that needs done before the preserving can take place! 

Dry Safe bag for Outdoors: This bag is a must have for hikers, ATV enthusiasts, campers and survivalists alike. Or...pretty much anyone who might get caught in the rain! I got one of these for my son to take kayaking after a particular wet trip that cost us an Iphone, and with this bag even if he ends up soaked, everything inside stays completely dry.

I keep mine in the Gator or atv when doing outside work on damp days. Perfect for carrying you phone, a small towel or some tools when doing farm chores in the rain. Totally worth the cost!

Garden Augers to help dig holes for seeds, seedlings and bulbs.

Garden bulb and seedling planter drill bits. I use this set of augers to drill perfect sized holes for planting bulbs, seeds or seedlings. They are only $15 for the set of 2. They fit in any drill and make digging holes super fast! Some people call this a bulb planter, but I use them for seeds and seedlings too, so they're really useful in the garden.

Multi-colored glass drinking straws: These glass straws come in a set of 8 colors with 2 cleaning brushes. We go through a lot of straws in our house so these save us a ton of money and keep all those plastic straws out of the landfills! If you have small kids in the house you might want to opt for these stainless steel drinking straws instead. Always chose a set with a brush for easy cleaning.

< Mortar and pestle: A mortar and pestle is perfect to grind home grown herbs and spices before using. Homestead chefs should all have one of these! I have this marble one and I absolutely love it! This is a must have to grind dried herbs for food or medicinal uses. I use mine to make flavored salts, ground spices and to powder herbs to make herb capsules instead of buying them.

Mortar and pestle sets

Temperature gun: This little gadget will find tons of use on your homestead! I use mine to check the temperature on my well pump so it doesn't overheat, and it can be used to check for drafts along windows and doors. I check the soil in the spring for several days before I put my seedlings in the garden to prevent shock. 

I used it to check the skin temperature of my chickens in the bitter cold one year, and I use it to check the storage temperature of hatching eggs. Lots of uses, little price...under $20.

Carabiner Utility Knife: I always have this hooked to my jacket when working around the homestead. I've used it to free myself from a locked chicken coop along with a hundred more mundane but still necessary chores! They come in different sizes and some even have other tools attached. 

Anything you can clip on your coat or belt loop and keep with you ALL the time, will prove invaluable! I've had it for a long time and love it! Under $10.

Spiralizer slicer with attachment plates: Spiralizer with 5 slicer plates! Slices in spirals, curls and 'noodles'. This slicer makes mashed potatoes and applesauce super fast by slicing them thin for quick cooking. Simply insert the fruit or vegetable and turn the crank. 

I use it to make zucchini noodles at the end of the season when I just can't bear to look at another zuc but don't want to waste them! lol It's an excellent way to prepare your harvest in various ways and it's on sale right now! $20.00

Spiralizer slicer with attachments for making noodles

Wish list:
This is just a few of the things I have on my homestead necessities Christmas list this year!

Food dehydrator: I'm going with something small like the Presto Dehydro digital electric dehydrator  at first. I need this to dry my herbs and flowers along with making garlic and onion powder and fruit leathers. At under $75 it's not terrible expensive as far as dehydrators go, but totally worth it when you consider the digital control you have vs cheaper models. 

Eventually I will work up to the granddaddy of them all, the Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator. That thing is seriously awesome but at $332.99 I'm holding off to see how much I actually use the lower priced dehydrator first! 

I'm also hoping for a set of Pink Ball canning jars! Although I just love the blue too! They should sell a multi pack with one of each color! How pretty would that be?

NOTE: please don't buy those blue canning jars from that blue jar link! They are really pretty but the price has more than doubled in the last 2 years. Look for them in stores, or just give it some time...they're bound to come back down in price eventually. The pink are reasonable.

New bogs! I actually have 2 pair of Bogs (high and mid length) and 1 pair of Arctic Mucks which are heavy as crap, but amazingly warm for winter! I would highly recommend both however...I also have a pair of slide on Bogs clogs (say that 3 times fast!) for summer. They're so cute and are often on sale around the holidays!

These super cute cow shaped measuring spoons. I need these for my kitchen, don't you? Less than $25 and about the cutest thing I ever did see. These spoons don't need hidden in a drawer, they are cute enough to display right on the counter!

Are you more the 'Make your own gifts' type? Homesteaders love that kind of stuff! Check out:

Natural DIY gifts that will be ready for the holiday. Bath & body products, home gifts, herbal teas and other gifts from the kitchen plus instructions on how to make them! 

DIY gifts from the homestead. Easy to follow recipes and tutorials. Whether you have an hour or a month, we have a unique homestead gift you can make for your family and friends!

Last but not are my favorite Etsy shops! 

1) Fresh Eggs Daily: Lisa from the blog Fresh Eggs Daily has a lovely little shop which showcases everything from her homegrown herbal blends to all of her famous books! I have my eyes on the adorable chicken decals!

2) Feathers In The Woods:  I actually have my own Etsy shop. I don't have any physical products that I ship out, but I do offer planners, bookmarks, stationary and more that you can download and print out!

3) Timber Creek Farm: Janet from the blog Timber Creek Farmer has some of the nicest handmade gloves and accessories. There's an ear headband & glove set that I absolutely love and she even sells hand dyed Alpaca yarn!

Last but not least, homesteaders love plants! Here is a Guide to choosing the perfect Christmas plant for a gift

Well hopefully that helps you to get the shopping over with so you can enjoy the holiday season!


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