Sunday, January 10, 2016

My top posts of 2015

As the new year kicks off I can't help but look back at 2015 and see how things went here on the blog. I've figured out the top posts of last year according to views, shares, pins etc. I wasn't too surprised to see that many of the top posts were garden related. That's definitely a good thing since I have a lot more that I worked on during gardening season. I just have to actually find the time to get them written now. I also have another EO experiment and several healthy living posts to tell you all about!

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Without any more rambling I give you the top posts of 2015 starting with the most popular:
  1. 8 Ways to keep rabbits out of your garden: Easy ways to chase the wild rabbits out of your garden before they eat all your veggies!
  2. Make your own Hummingbird nectar: Why buy it when you can make it? It's simple, easy and you probably have everything on hand.
  3. How I cured toenail fungus with essential oils: How I cleared up toenail fungus using only tea tree oil..
  4. Harvesting and drying Plantain: Plantain is a common 'weed' to gardeners but it has so many useful benefits. The hows and whys of harvesting and using plantain
  5. Can I get a lady bug? What to do about Aphids on houseplants: Ways to get rid of Aphids on plants inside the house without banishing them to the outdoors or filing the house with harmful pesticides.
  6. 10 ways to deal with a cold naturally: Don't stuff yourself with OTC medicines! Fight off that cold using herbs, tea, EOs, foods and other items you probably already have at home.
  7. Make your own Calendula skin salve: Easy recipe to make your own skin salves to heal your chapped skin naturally.
  8. 7 ways to use beer in the garden: Learn how to use a can of beer to do everything from feed plants to drown harmful insects.
  9. 7 Ways to use Basil as medicine: Different ways basil can be used instead of OTC medicines. 

I chose to stop at 9 since the numbers got pretty close after that. These 9 all received a lot of interest and I'm just flattered that so many people took time out of there days to read, pin, share, tweet my posts! Thanks so much!


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  1. Some great posts here! Thank you for sharing this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! :)