Fall air freshener DIY and other homestead gifts

The first cool day has come which means the unofficial start of pumpkin everything season! Lol No really, fall is on it's way and the stores are filled with the cutest Autumn decor. Incidentally just last week I was whipping up a new batch of my MYO air fresheners using essential oils and I got the idea to make some fall themed scents and use some of those cute jars and such to hold them! 

MYO fall air fresheners

Making your own air fresheners is super easy and it's so much better for your health to have these in your home than one of those scented cone air fresheners that are packed with tons of chemicals! Or even the gel ones. I mean, do you really know what all those things on the ingredient list are? It's kinda scary when you think about it. 

I have 2 different ways I like to make my own air fresheners. The first is to make a gel with gelatin, water, vodka and food coloring then add essential oils and allow to cool. This makes an awesome scented gel that is no spill and can be customized completely. These are great for filling cute seasonal votives and glass pumpkins. (exact recipe below)

I also make air fresheners with orbeez and these look really cute in the seasonal holders, but they can spill out if bumped, so you won't want to use those around kids or pets. Unless you cover them with some netting, like I did with these mini mason jars. I also love using these mini jars because you can put the metal lids on them if you won't be using them to keep them from evaporating.

Gel and water bead air fresheners diy

DIY essential oil air freshener gifts

Make your own gel air fresheners

You only need a few items...
Bring 3/4 cup water to a boil and whisk in the gelatin till dissolved. Remove from heat. Add remaining 1/2 cup water and vodka and whisk together. 

Put your choices for food coloring and 8-10 drops of essential oils into each jar. You'll only need one drop of food coloring per jar unless you want them really dark. Fill with gelatin mixture. You shouldn't need to mix them as the colors, oils and gelatin should mix together when pouring. 

Place lid loosely on top or cover with plastic wrap to prevent essential oils from evaporating too quickly while warm. Allow to cool. Remove lid and display wherever you want to smell nice!

myo halloween air fresheners in fall scents

You can also use Orbeez or water beads to make an essential oils air freshener. Simply hydrate the little water balls then add a few drops of essential oils to them and display in a pretty dish. I've noticed that the scent seems to last longer if you hydrate the beads with water that has the essential oils added to it already. 

I've also found that you can also color the water balls by adding food coloring to the water before you hydrate the Orbeez. Or just use the colored ones if you have them! Just another way to use Orbeez if you happen to have them around. 

Autumn scents for air fresheners

Since it's fall I've been playing with seasonal blends! I love the warm, spicy scents that make up autumn blends and here are the ones I used to make the air freshners in the picture. 

Smells like fall: 6 drops Ginger, 2 Cinnamon, 2 lemon
Autumn Leaves: 4 drops each Orange, patchouli, nutmeg
Spiced Cider: 4 drops each, Orange, cinnamon, ginger
Spicy and warm: 4 drops each, Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger
The woods in fall: 4 drops frankincense & cedarwood 2 drops Scotch pine

For the large containers you will want to double or even triple the recipe.

Need more ideas to scent your air fresheners? Check out: The Best Essential Oils & Blends For fall and Give Thanks Fall Blend.

Don't forget when making your essential oil air fresheners that they can also be used for a little boost when your feeling under the weather. Fight off colds with some thieves oil or use peppermint and basil in one that you keep on your desk for a little pick me up.

I love the fact that I can easily make different air fresheners to fit my mood or the season. If you're looking for a gift to give a teacher, coworker or friend, these would be great! Think of all the possibilities with so many cute containers and essential oil scents available!

Speaking of gifts, I've teamed up with some of the best homestead bloggers on the net to bring you this A-Mazing homemade gift guide! All these gifts can be made at home (many with materials you already have on hand) in as little as an hour! 

Gift guide, beautiful homemade gifts

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So what do you think? Which one of these amazing homestead gifts are you gonna make first?


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  1. About a week ago, I made the air fresheners with essential oil and gelatin...used salt instead of vodka. They are in 4 oz. Mason jars. However when I went to wrap them today to give at Christmas they had all liquefied...no longer a gel. Do you know why???

    1. From what I understand the salt would lower the surface tension of the gelatin which would make it liquefy. Salt generally works as a preservative by removing moisture (think salty dried foods like jerky) so I believe there would be too much moisture in the air freshener gel for salt to be effective as a preservative. I'm no chemist though. Hope that helps!