The year's best homesteading posts

2017 was a really fun year for me, both on the blog and in the garden. I wrote a lot more and grew a bunch of new and interesting plants in the garden. I spent the last 2 weeks going over old posts and tracking which ones were read and shared the most over the year. I'm always surprised to see what did and didn't make the top 10.

Interestingly enough, only 3 of the most read posts last year were actually written last year. Guess I need to step up my game for this year! 😉 The other interesting thing was that I had been under the impression that most people came to this blog to read about gardening (not actually sure where I got that idea now that I think about it!) Only half of last years top posts were actually garden related. 

I'll definitely be keeping that in mind when deciding what to write about this year! So without any more's my top 10 posts of last year!

8 Reasons why plants love cinnamon: This has been my most read post every year since it was written in 2014! I have found 8 different ways to use cinnamon in the garden. From fungus prevention to rooting hormone, every possible way to use cinnamon in gardening is in this post.

Feed your garden: Coffee grounds, eggshells & wood ash: How to use 3 things you normally throw away, to fertilize your garden and amend the soil instead. 

8 Tips to keep rabbits out of your garden: There's nothing worse than a rabbit that takes a bite out of all your homegrown produce! Here's how I get rid of rabbits in the garden.

How I got rid of toenail fungus quickly & naturally: Foot fungus can be found anywhere barefoot humans dwell. Pools, beaches, gyms....when I came down with a fungus under my toenail, I found the most effective treatment was a natural one.

Dip dyed Kool-aid hair: My daughter wanted her hair dyed a fancy color, and we used kool-aid to color her hair red and blue. 

Landscaping DIY for under $20: We turned a horrible eyesore into a cute garden bed for only $20 and a few hours work.

Make you own air fresheners: Don't buy chemical laden air fresheners from the store, make your own with essential oils and Orbeez or gelatin.

What to do with Orbeez (water beads): Speaking of Orbeez, what exactly are they good for? Plants of course, and those air fresheners I just mentioned among other things. 

The burn cage, my hate/love relationship: The husband bought a burn cage which I considered a huge waste of money...until I used it!

How to grow and harvest chamomile: Growing chamomile has come with a huge learning curve for me. Here's how to avoid the struggle and get straight to the big beautiful plants.

That was a fun and surprising look back at last year. Here's to hoping the new year brings many more homesteading adventures! 


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