Raising Guinea Fowl

Raising Guinea fowl is becoming  more and more popular. I have had Guineas since 2009. I started with 3 and now have around 60....ish. My original trio were the standard pearl Guineas, but I now have Guineas in pearl, pied, white, lavender, slate and royal purple. Raising Guineas is a lot like raising chickens, but in a few aspects they are different This page will be updated frequently to contain links to all my posts on my other blog that are specifically about Guinea fowl.

Sexing Guinea Fowl by sound
guinea fowl farm

Train guinea fowl to be friendlyGuinea fowl are not well known for being friendly. This seems a little strange to me, after all my guinea fowl follow me around everywhere I go. This is how I train them...

 14 Reasons you should NOT raise Guinea fowl
raising guinea hens

13 Reasons why you should raise guinea fowl: Guinea Fowl aren't for everyone...they're loud and not real bright among other reasons. But I have found a whole bunch of reasons why I think everyone should get a few Guineas...

12 tips for finding Guinea nests
guineas hide nest

Finding a Guinea nest with a thermal camera: Desperate times call for desperate measures and sometimes when a guinea is hiding in the woods on a nest I need to do whatever it takes to find her...or else the predators will! 

The Guinea wattle myth
guinea hen wattles

Guinea Hens: Everything you need to know:
Want to know about the egg laying, mating and brooding habits of the female guinea fowl? Click this post...

Are Guineas Cold-Hardy?
(winter care and coop training)
coop training guineas

How to hatch incubate guinea eggs: Guinea fowl eggs are not difficult to hatch, but they are slightly different than chicken eggs. Here's how...

Are you my Mother? 
(letting a chicken raise Guinea keets)
guinea chicks with hen

How to raise guinea keetsGuinea keets are about the cutest little things you will ever see. Luckily raising guinea keets is almost the same as raising chicks so if you've raised chicks before, keets will be just as easy.

Guineas eat stink bugs!
guinea hen in garden

The only white baby bird
guinea fowl colors white

If you're thinking of raising guinea fowl for eggs then you'll be very interested in this article! Comparing different types of eggs pits guinea eggs against chicken, duck, goose, turkey, quail and even ostrich eggs! 

Why do guinea fowl have spots?
(how Guineas blend in with the trees in winter)

cold hardy poultry

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Ok....that's it for now. I will add more Guinea specific posts as I write them. Feel free to comment below if you have a question that you would like me to answer in a post or directly.


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